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SEAN M. ROONEY BELLEFONTE, PA Sean M. Rooney, 38, died Friday, in Bellefonte, PA. Born in Jersey City, he lived most of his life in Bayonne. In memory of my brother Sean Rooney 1971-2009, the man that introduced the world to the one and only Lester "Beetlejuice" Green. He has appeared in … He attended Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Beetlejuice was born with microcephaly, which gives him his small head relative to his small body. I am just wondering if he ever brought up Sean's death or anythingAlso, a lot of people assume when Howard doesn't mention something it means he doesn't care or that he's done with the bit, but really he's being more calculated, and in this case I think by not mentioning Sean, he's protecting him and his family. I still..." - "Just heard about this loss today. Never met Sean but know his Dad for many years. Sean's death isn't a bit for the show so he leaves it alone. Bobby Rooney, President Stick & Move Management Sports and Entertainment . Keep the Obituary and Guest Book online for one of these time periods: Name: Sean Rooney Inmate I.D.

Beetlejuice's Sean. "Sean, I wanted to say that there was so much human compassion involved with your relationship with Beetlejuice. I think Bobby managing Beetle is the greatest thing that could happen to Beetle.You know his current manager is Sean's brother, right?He died while in prison. SEAN ROONEY Guest Book | View 2 of 44 Entries: "Sean, I wanted to say that there was so much human compassion involved with your relationship with Beetlejuice. I am just wondering if Howard has ever talked about the death of Beet's old manager Sean. On the October 2, 2007, broadcast of The Howard Stern Show, Jerry O'Connell revealed that he knew Beetlejuice while he was growing up.

He was a Graduate of St. Anthony's High School, Jersey City.

It's no one's business.He's mentioned it in passing, but no details. Likely to be respectful of Sean and his family (including Beet).

He may not be as outrageous as he used to be, but Beetle has really settled, and I think he's truly happy now. Beetlejuice (often abbreviated to Beetle or Beet), is a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show and a member of Stern's Wack Pack. It was heart related or a stroke, can't remember.He's brought it up in passing, like, "Bobby's been taking care of Beet since his manager Sean died," but not the details, to my knowledge.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castPress J to jump to the feed. Didn't find the Obituary you were looking for? You were his guardian, his support and you gave him the love that he needed. SEAN M. ROONEY. Bob Rooney is just a fine all around guy and should not have such a tragedy visited upon him. I am just wondering if he ever brought up Sean's death or anything ... Bobby Rooney, is that he's actually looking out for Beetle.

Order a professionally printed copy, starting at $39.00: O'Connell's mother was Beetlejuice's special education teacher at PS 31 in Jersey City, NJ, and Beetlejuice was such a good student that he did special work as her "assistant". By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. He played on 2 of the Basketball Championship teams. Box A Bellefonte, PA 16823 USA Sean Rooney: I am currently serving time at Rockview State Prison for an aggravated assault charge. Sep 16, 2013 #5 PiggyMohammad Active Member Banned User

Assault Release Date: 10/2010 Address: Sean Rooney #GW2091 SCI Rockview P.O. I am just wondering if Howard has ever talked about the death of Beet's old manager Sean.

" Beetlejuice's original manager Sean Rooney died in July 2009 – most likely due to complications from a stroke that he suffered a couple of years prior. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutseats salad with his hands like the guy on the train in "Hostel"Cookies help us deliver our Services. Our prayers are with..." - Howard went in depth when Beet saved Sean's life when he had a stroke a couple of years before Sean died.It's funny you ask, I've been listening to 2009 shows and I just heard them mention it: I think Sean's death had a positive effect on Beetle's life. I never doubted Sean's love for Beetle, but it seems like Sean was also responsible for a lot of abuse. I must say, he really seemed like a scumbag to me.The great thing about his current manager, Bobby Rooney, is that he's actually looking out for Beetle. Bobby also has a career of his own, he doesn't depend on Beetle to make a living. Contact info for all talent: bobby@stickandmovemanagement.com or call Bobby Rooney … You were his guardian, his support and you gave him the love that he needed.

Sean made a career out of exploiting Beetle, made him do crazy shit, which turned into great bits for the show. : #GW2091 Gender: Male Race: Caucasian DOB:3/7/1971 In Search Of: Friends Convicted Of: Agg. I remember specifically watching a video of some kids making Beetle snort cocaine, which really disturbed me.

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