secretly greatly movie ending explained

A criminal aspiring to build a casino finds himself in endless threat when a man starts imitating every single thing he does. It was so serious that you’d think it was something of a big mission. (but if you think about it,surviving after all those shots,injuries and falling on a very high building is IMPOSSIBLE lol) i just want to positively think that he’s alive somewhere.

Ryu Hwan let Hae Jin point the gun at him and it’s up to Hae Jin to pull the trigger but he hesitated and could not do it. Mr. Chaser arrived; Sam Cheon Po and his team also arrived. He had a flash back of when Ryu Hwan was training and a knife was thrown accurately at him while he was watching. Then Dong Gu appeared at the other side of the alley (so he was aware of the presence when he passed the alley). This movie is very tragic and leaves audiences wondering if the protagonist survived or not (based on what I have read above). He admitted that he met Sang Gu. Dong Gu gets his gun behind the closet, but instead of lending it to Sang Gu, he pointed it to him saying that Sang Gu should atone for his sins. The barber took pictures of everyone. How the spies were compared with the anchovies later on when Hae Rang ate one after they were done cleaning. Secretly Greatly Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Jang Chul-seo Movie HD Secretly Greatly, coming out June 5th in Korea, follows three top North Korean operatives, barely out of diapers, as they are posted undercover in the South and begin to lead real lives as the teenagers they should be. Because they were missed, remembered and not forgotten by the villagers most especially Dong Gu. For Ryu Hwan how can this be called an order. Was it from when Dong Gu pulled him in the alley the night before? xDHi I maybe very late? If “Secretly, Greatly” didn’t have it’s ending, many would probably take some points off from their review. Then Ran vomited on Hae Rang.Here it can already be seen that despite Dong Gu detaching himself from the village, he is already being changed.Hae Rang changed into a red track suit similar to Dong Gu’s green one he always wear (why do they need to wear track suits I wonder). Maybe because he saw the picture of Sang Gu’s family, faded, scratched and torn.Someone turned off the lights and he suddenly became alert. He changed the question to a more dreading one. They then exchanged some welcoming punches to each other just enough not to kill each other. He was even flabbergasted that kids there can play guitar and sing really well but he is not giving up.
It was so rough and strong and that he was bruised? Secretly, Greatly (Hangul: 은밀하게 위대하게; RR: Eunmilhage Widaehage) es una película de acción y comedia surcoreana de 2013, protagonizada por Kim Soo-hyun, Park Ki-woong, y Lee Hyun-woo interpretando a tres espías norcoreanos infiltrados en Corea del Sur como un idiota de pueblo, un músico rock y un estudiante de instituto, respectivamente. The next morning, Yoo Joon introduces Dong Gu to the new transfer student no other than Hae Jin. So he was burned with the explosion and fell from the roof.With that, Ryu Hwan was devastated even more. Tae-won said that the moment they meet again, it will only be either of 2 possiblities: Reunification and meeting again as brothers or they become enemies and kill each other.

He is now like one of the villagers. Mr. Crazy called Ryu Hwan stupid for thinking that his family is safe all along. He brings in HK thieves as well. Ryu Hwan is about to follow when he met Sang Gu downstairs asking to be hidden as he is escaping. In other words, either Ryu Hwan accomplished the mission or he becomes a traitor. Dong Gu asked if someone was also sent after Hae Rang.

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