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Rice variety selection is limited under this production strategy because of the grain production requirements. When rice production is a primary goal and varieties are limited to the grain producing types, few differences exist in their forage traits. As the rice crop diminishes during the later part of the season, alligatorweed usually thrives in the warming water, providing shelter, substrate and some food value to the pond. Establishment of the permanent flood in crawfish ponds planted with sorghumsudangrass, however, should be delayed until the forage crop has stopped growing or the optimal flood-up date (typically October 15) is reached. Nonetheless, timing of the permanent flood should be delayed in these systems until cool weather persists. Recommendations from commercially available varieties are scant because few comparative studies have been made regarding their suitability in crawfish ponds.

The prices can vary from season to season, but if you’re starting a farm, you’ll need to have these starter animals. Unless wa… Lanes can be established by mowing, disking or dragging a heavy object in a path where boat “runs.” Other farmers elect to establish lanes, if needed, after flooding by repeated trips with a harvest boat.

Differences in post-flood characteristics of different varieties, such as fragmentation rate, crop persistence and re-growth potential may provide detrital material to the pond on a more consistent and extended basis than a forage crop composed of only a single variety.

Redclaw Crawfish Stock.

Rice planted too early in crawfish monocropping systems, whereby the plant reaches maturity (fills grain), tends to become depleted prematurely as noted in this LSU AgCenter experiment (June planted rice on right, August planted rice on left).Figure 7. Also, excess contribution at one time leads to premature depletion of the food resource and can cause low oxygen conditions.

At that point, good stock goes to them basically asking for money to cover the bait they used to catch em. 100% OUR FARM TO YOUR TABLE GUARANTEE We absolutely grow 100% of every crawfish we ship. For sorghum-sudangrass, optimum planting time is generally in the last two weeks of August. Other soil amendments, such as agricultural lime, are sometimes needed but depend on several factors, including forage crop, soil type and chemistry and water characteristics.

Despite the inadequacies of individual plant species in a volunteer stand, the right mixtures of native plants can have a complementary effect and do occasionally produce acceptable crawfish yields. Rice is the most widely used of the two, and variety selection is primarily based on forage characteristics rather than grain traits.

View all species Another potential benefit of sorghum-sudangrass over rice is that it has a later recommended planting date. In general, those varieties that are well-adapted to local conditions, are taller, have a longer maturity cycle, tiller well, produce abundant forage biomass and senesce slowly are likely to be the best choices for planting in crawfish ponds. Selection of rice varieties other than Ecrevisse for establishment in crawfish monocropping ponds is currently limited to commercially available high grain-yielding varieties.

One of the world’s top tilapia hatcheries has traced a radical upturn in the proportion of female tilapia in their normally all-male stock back to changes in the antioxidants used by their feed provider. Rice breeders have consistently developed rice varieties for grain production that have high grain-to-forage ratios, are shorter in plant height and are earlier maturing – characteristics that, although desirable for high-yielding grain crops, are less desirable in a crawfish forage crop. For best results, when waterfowl hunting is not a consideration, it is essential to plant early enough in the summer to achieve maximum vegetative growth, but not so early that the plant reaches full physiological maturity.

The growth and decay characteristics of rice make it suitable for use as a forage in crawfish ponds.Figure 4. Too much vegetative input into the system at one time is wasted because it cannot be stockpiled; thus, a large portion deteriorates without being consumed. There are a number of crawfish outlets, seafood markets, crawfish farms and caterers selling live and boiled crawfish in Texas, from Beaumont to Houston to Dallas, and in between. To further minimise water quality concerns, the straw and debris left from grain harvesting operations can be baled and removed, burned or chopped (to speed degradation). I am out of town right now but will bump this next week. Regardless of which agronomic crop is chosen for use in crawfish monocropping systems, time of planting is extremely important. You can rest assured that we are the real deal and the source. April 2005. This situation is often common by late winter and early spring.Figure 8. This requires a forage crop that yields small portions of its material on a consistent basis over the duration of the season. A continual supply of vegetative matter for decomposition is necessary throughout the production season to feed the invertebrate population. As with crawfish monocropping systems, weed-free fields are not necessary for adequate crawfish yields, and caution should be exercised anytime pesticide applications are contemplated.

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