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A friend of mine was offered their "best financing" with a rate of around 6%. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Disadvantages, you will pay more. I was looking at cars on the Carmax website and saw one about 600 miles away. I've sold a car to CarMax, and it was a great experience. Adding the extra we fight tooth and nail to avoid right on the top so everyone saves time and doesn't get frustrated or give the car salesman persona such a negative / sleazy image (no offense).New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castLearn about budgeting, saving, getting out of debt, credit, investing, and retirement planning. I stopped on a hill and backed up on another hill, sounds like someone was pouring water through the frame of my car!!!!! If it isn't, shop somewhere else.Carmax isn't bad, just get out side financing. You could also check with your bank and/or credit union for their rates.Some credit unions have deals with car dealerships where you get fleet pricing on new cars and do not have to haggle.Costco is also a place to get a decent deal on a new vehicle.Once you have an idea what vehicle you want, then research pricing on Edmunds.com and Trucar (this is for a new car). Second, carmax prices are not based on kbb, blackbook, or any other online car shopping resource. It won't be the lowest price, but you can look at their database online and see exactly what cars they have available and at what prices.Carmax doesn't negotiate, it's kinda their thing...I've bought way more cars than anyone my age should have. They tend to have lower mileage, high quality cars. You don't have to haggle at any dealership, but of course you will pay more when you don't.I agree with Allinon, but I would like to add more.I see OP's question as "Is Carmax fair or will I get cheated". Check out the prices on Carmax's website. I would definitely get separate financing, though.I have bought and sold cars to Carmax and they are Ok. You won't get the best price, but you don't have to haggle. I JUST paid my deductible when I picked my car up last week and now they’re saying I’m gonna have to pay another for this repair, not even a week later, for the exact same problem I brought it in with originally. When i arrive for a test drive, I was told that i must be back no later than in 20 minutes. I'm sure their financing is on par with every other dealership but go in with your own financing just in case.Carmax is fine for buying a car if you like their no-haggle pricing but they will stiff you on your trade.A lot of the cars they have are bought from rental agencies like Hertz and Enterprise. This is just CarMax rule that should be well known.last week I took my car to a repair pals shop for a few problems my car was having. I decided to sleep on it and decided today that I'd pull the trigger. I'm happy with the car otherwise except for this missing feature, and they don't really have anything similar in stock with Carplay.What should I expect on the call? CarMax will buy your car. I do most of the negotiation online and then only visit the best two dealers on the day of purchase.Some tips: 1. I’m considering a lawsuit.tell your own personal experience with this shitty car companyPress J to jump to the feed.

Seems legitimate to me.I've sold a car to CarMax, and it was a great experience. I will not pay 2 deductibles in one week for the same problem because of the incompetence of the repair men and I don’t think that’s unreasonable to expect. We’ve heard from customers that private car sales can take longer than selling a car to CarMax. If you’re looking to sell your car, you’ve got options beyond trading in or selling your car privately. Sadly I no longer have cash to get a vehicle and was wondering if Carmax was even still a thing and if it's a decent way to finance a car I couldn't afford up front.You don't have to finance the same place you buy a car.Contact your bank or credit union- they will have auto loans. ... Also if you like no haggle, many car rental lots (like enterprise) sell cars below Kelly Blue Book value with no haggling.
Severe flood damage!!! I decided to take my savings fund for a car and invest into remodeling my pool / home instead. It had a $200 transfer fee, and I wasn't 100% sure if I'd buy the car (I know I don't have to) so I didn't request a transfer. I ended up buying from a smaller used car place. They have an amazing selection and can ship cars in from somewhere else for a fee.They don't however have the best prices. Carmax is economically better than buying a new car. Carmax gave me ~8% more than the dealer offered in trade in value. I paid my own money to transfer car to my local store.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. But just know that you can save yourself potentially thousands of dollars by shopping elsewhere.You can also pay cash or get your own financing somewhere else.I spent a month looking last time I bought private party.
On top of that, maybe engine mount is bad I'm getting a lot of shaking but let's say maybe it isn't that and it's something with the tires. The big dealership places were way too pushy.Not really. I think the engine stuff and AC stuff definitely is, but let's say the break rotors/breaks are bad and something is wrong with the tires or a wheel part.I just bought a car a couple of days back, the specifications and the window sticker said it had Apple Carplay, but it does not. level 1 ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit … I spoke to people at carmax’s Richmond office and they say I shouldn’t have to pay another deductible because the repair shop screwed up, THEN I talked to someone at another office they transferred me to and that person wasn’t helpful and told me if the claim was filed for a separate repair then it would be a separate deductible and to have the repair shop call them to give them more details to see if it’s something they will waive the deductible for.

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