server patching schedule excel template

Comment and share: Download our spreadsheet for tracking system updates and patches I like your template - I'm always looking for a better way to organize my info... Last Modified: 2014-03-13. (culprit: a two-month-old unpatched Apache Struts vulnerability(data for 1.5 million patients exposed thanks to an outdated version of Outlook). Tracking which Microsoft patches your help desk does and does not install is critical for keeping your systems running smoothly and securely. a log/event manager, etc. It is highly editable and can … Get your maintenance staff schedule up to date with the help of the above weekly schedule template. Our Microsoft patch-tracking Excel … Something that you could easily query, update, etc? Thank you for this. Finally, you’ll want to identify maintenance windows to avoid disruption (take into account time zones for “follow the sun” patching, etc.) If that's the case, use real-time tools like SW to track HW and Licenses and Server Roles and use backups and other things for change mgmt (e.g. We are using WSUS, but I am not happy with the reporting that WSUS provide. MSPs should be utilizing tools that enable them to scan their clients’ environments and get comprehensive snapshots of everything on the network. All rights reserved. In fact, , the majority of data breaches (57%) can be be directly attributed to attackers exploiting a known vulnerability that hadn’t been patched. ).Thanks for sharing! Just curious :)The template file i downloaded and its really good.By the way do you have any templates to keep track the backup logs. Here are three keys to MSPs providing smarter, more efficient, and more effective patch management services in 2019.Patching is a game that’s extremely easy to fall behind in, especially if you're still relying on identifying, evaluating, and deploying patches manually.

Get a head start on streamlining departmental processes and take a systematic approach to performing routine IT tasks for your organization. Thanks for the template, it has some nice ideas to add into our existing templates. ), OS, OS version, user role, etc.

makes it easy to locate in AD, and on the spreadsheet. This Excel calendar tracks Microsoft's Patch Tuesdays and the four following weeks. Many breaches originate because there are neglected or forgotten systems that IT has lost track of. Step 4: Monitor for new patches and vulnerabilitiesUnderstand vendor patch release schedules and models, and identify reliable sources for timely vulnerability disclosures. Not to bad, I think that will be going in my drop box just in case Help ensure that your system remains free from data corruption, security breaches, and poor network performance. For many small businesses, the solution to staying on top of patching cycles is to outsource the burden to MSPs. ), OS, OS version, user role, etc. If you want to put your server maintenance template into ProjectManager.com, then you can connect it to other aspects of your work and keep everything under one tent. After all, the more time reporting takes, the less time you have for providing additional services and growing your business.SMB Cybersecurity is a Big MSP Service Opportunity for 20192019 Predictions: The Impact of Security on an MSP’s Business

I've recently taken over the IT systems at a small-medium (~50 users) company. Spiceworks has helped resolve many an issue for me in the past, it's about time I (tried) to give something back ;)

It’s also a good idea to tap specific end users who can help by being additional eyes and ears. Nice Template. "The patch management feature blows all other RMMs out of the water, and the ease of use is what all other RMM products hope for." Below is a 10-step template that highlights the fundamental considerations that need to go into any patch management plan. Keep your home in good repair with this maintenance schedule template. At the most basic level, this includes understanding the types of devices, operating systems, OS versions, and third party applications. Comment and share: Download our Excel spreadsheet to help track Microsoft patches Scanning tools like Shodan, nmap, and masscan then make it trivial for attackers to identify vulnerable systems and launch targeted campaigns. And if things change a lot, well, documentation like this might be too hard to keep up with. Create a process for evaluating emergency patches. I would customize with some additional fields (ie IP address field in hardware tab), but overall this looks like it would do the trick. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. Cloud-based, automated Automate patching for Windows and third-party software from over 120 vendors.Easily configure patch scanning and update schedules for specific segments of devices or users. Download Microsoft Patch Tuesday Calendar for free.

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