shooting pain on outside of ankle

Its been going on for a while now in the am I can barely stand up and it shoots a horrible pain thru my tail bone it hurts so bad makes me wanna cry !😞😓 OUCH! The pain can be that severe I have to rest my feet for long periods of time, I am really worried but seem to have my doctor puzzled. My doc told me it was swelling in the peroneal tendon, that was causing my pain.

I can get a shooting pain going over the side of my ankle which will end up with me either hoping on my left leg until the pain goes or ending up on the floor as the ankle gives way. Surgery for me is not an option.
My doctor also did the procedure of where they take your own blood out of your arm and inject it right into the tendon. I went to the hospital and had a Doppler ultrasound of my veins, nothing was wrong. Finally went to get second opinion from new doctor and found a parasagittal meningioma brain tumor on the right parietal lobe of my brain, but I am not going to die. Diabetic neuropathy can cause sharp, shooting pains down your leg or legs due to chronic damage from diabetes. What is going on? I can't even sweep or mop a floor because my hip will stop me and I literally can't move. I too have had sudden ankle pain. I went to chiropractor yesterday for my sciatica and mentioned my ankle pain (which has only happened once in the last 4 months thank goodness) and he said there is a nerve that runs down your thigh, through your knee and then ends at the ankle bone. About a week after transitioning out of my aircast, while wearing a brace, I took 3 "jog type" steps and instantly had this pain. I have never injured my ankle and do moderate exercise 3 x's a week(treadmill, weights) I was put on a muscle relaxant and it only lasted that one intense day. Lasts about 20 secs - 1 minute and then disappears. several times a year I will get a sharp pain in the outside joint area of my left ankle when I am walking.It is so sharp that I almost collapse. I've had it before and its so bad that I'm incapacitated. Many of the causes stem from seemingly minor but untreated conditions such as: hairline fractures in the ankle and bones of the foot, arthritis, inflammation of the ankle joint, scar tissue in the ankle joint, or an inflamed tendon. Any advice or ideas of what to do will be greatly appreciated

Felt like my whole foot ankle was crumbling beneath me. Pain is excruciating.

It worked! Some who've had epidural's have these cysts I think. I am experiencing this again. It's a shooting pain that has dropped me to the floor in a convenience store and other unfortunate positions I have been in. It's only in my right ankle and happens just above the ball bone on the outside of ankle.
I was having problems with it, wrapped it, tried to be very careful but one minute I was standing at the counter where I worked, and the next second I was on the floor. It's in the very place this would affect the left foot. Not really sure but, hope the pain goes away. A sudden, sharp pain would occur no matter if I was sitting or walking, last a few seconds, and then stop. I had six 10-minute treatments once a day, every day.

Good luck to everyone who has been experiencing these symptoms.

I had my left foot pointed toe down, and when I put my weight on my foot I had severe stabbing pain in the back of the upper ankle. I went to work with the pain, but with every movement of my right arm, I noticed the pain would shoot to to my foot.

I have the exact pain and the doctor had me do exercises on the stairs and use good sneakers. I still have a walking boot on and partially on crutches throughout the day.

I was told by a friend who had a spinal cord tumor that it was my spinal cord. I have a friend who suffered from a spinal cord tumor and he saw me go through one of the shock and awe pains and at first there was a burning pain around the same foots big toenail as if there was NO skin on it.

I can barely put my full weight on it I have experienced all of the above. Now I feel fine. Diagnosis. This is the joint directly below the ankle joint. I have an appointment on 4/16/09 and will definitely post the results.

Apparently most of these don't have nerve endings, but this one does! So glad i found this page. Its on the outside of my right ankle just under my bone and slightly towards the bend on my foot... i get terrible attacks. Now in left ankle even sharper.

Gabapentin is a time released drug that is a common drug used for Epilepsy. You can read more about these on the left hand side of this page. Foot.com does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment

I can't believe that so many people also suffer from this! It is illegal to copy, reprint or republish any content or portions of content from this site without the author's permission. As many of you have written, I too have the same pain in left ankle. i had no choice but to continue with routines back then as we performed in front of large crowds.and it got to a point that i would wish for the pop/crack to happen because once it happened i would be fine for the rest of the performance. Lateral foot pain (outside foot pain) can literally stop a person in their tracks.

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