siberian chipmunk pet for sale

This certainly does not mean they cannot be kept as pets but as an owner you need to devote time, space, and be patient. In addition, there needs to be a constant water source in the form of a dish or bottle. Breeders also provide complete, detailed information on pet chipmunk care. *The pictures are the parents. Tree branches, and rocks are a great way to make your chipmunk feel at home. Pet shops offer many feed mixes suitable for Siberian chipmunks. But before you open the cage door, make sure the room which houses the cage is ‘chipmunk-proof, i.e., the room should have plenty of open space, with minimum furniture. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Chipmunks in captivity should be kept in large In order to keep their coat clean and to satisfy their natural urge to create tunnels and burrows, chipmunks need a dust bath. Peanuts and sunflower seeds should also be fed in limited quantities. He's a fantastic boy. You can buy a rodent drip bottle, which is available in pet stores.

One red and white male, and one black and white splashcoat... If you are not willing to pay for these items you don't need a chipmunk. That said, these pint-sized pets are more demanding than they first appear to be.In captivity, Siberian chipmunks have a life expectancy of around 7 years. Chipmunks do make great pets however, chipmunk pets are not a pet for probably most people. Chipmunks are very playful, and do not like to be confined in a small space for long periods. They also consume animal protein in the form of insects.Siberian chipmunks are very good climbers. Another interesting fact about chipmunks is that they tend to store food in their cheeks and then later hide it somewhere safe. If keeping pet chipmunks try and ensure their home allows them to replicate these Chipmunks have only been kept as pets for a relatively short time and experts are still learning about how best to care for them. They do not require special baths, as they groom themselves. It has its own territory which it defends from others of the same species. Posted: (5 days ago) Chipmunk as pets. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.This website uses cookies to improve your experience. They seem to enjoy a change in diet, so it shouldn’t be very difficult to feed them. My email is cainkennels@ gmail . We have a handfull of extremely RARE Dilute White Siberian Chipmunks for sale to loving homes. I am looking to buy a Siberian Husky, I prefer that He/She is unaltered, and AKC FULL REGISTERED. While they enjoy human company, they are not at all cuddly. This will satisfy a chipmunk’s urge to burrow and dig tunnels.Another option is to cover the cage floor with wood shavings or shredded paper. Remove all electrical wires, etc. All rights reserved. The nest box can be around 6-inch x 8-inch x 6-inch in dimension with an entrance hole of around 2.5-inch diameter, half-way up one side. Pet Squirrels. However, it's Siberian chipmunks that are more commonly kept as pets. BEFORE YOU BUY A PUPPY YOU MUST BE APPROVED!!!!!! Although they can be kept as pets, they are naturally wild, unless tamed from an early age. Each chipmunk will have its own food preference, so make sure you observe your pet when it eats. However, it's Siberian chipmunks that are more commonly kept as pets.Active throughout the day; these small creatures live on the ground where they like to dig burrows in which they make their nests. Chipmunks for sale from the end of April when they are 8 weeks old. Chipmunks do make great pets however, chipmunk pets are not a pet for probably most people. Make sure you have a food dish, a ceramic one is best, as they cannot tip it over. We're registered with the Fundraising Regulator. Pet Chipmunks - Exotic Pets. The price for everything involved properly rearing a chipmunk could range toward $1000. Mum and dad in the picture.

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