signs your pet is your familiar

Like following a map that has a landmark to indicate if we are the right path, animal appearances in everyday life and during Dreamtime can help us discover if we are on a good path for us or not as well as help in decision making. Burn frankincense on the periphery of the circle. You must be careful not to abuse the Dog’s trust or the Dog will bite.Dogs have a great sense of smell and can know the location of items that are not even remotely visible. My daughter recently adopted a new dog. But they often are VERY ACTIVE during magical ritual and practice.I recently lost my familiar, Tyr! Books such as Ted Andrews' "Animal Speak" contain some excellent pointers on how to … He was quite amazing! With the partnership of the Dog familiar all your magic will be empowered and you will have a faithful ally by your side. Although I also practice this type of observance this is different than having a familiar. It did not matter if I was opening a book to pray to an archangel or merely lighting a devotional candle … he came running from wherever he was and jumped up on the table or where I was sitting. These are powerfully advanced animal spirits that have opted to assist with magical workings of any kind … even with prayer.They have reincarnated themselves many times and, devoted to Goddess, choose to serve her students and priestesses. He would always walk around my lit candles and cauldron and around smokingOther animals are conduits of communication. I've begun to think that my Melinki may be a familiar,she and another cat were left with me for a short time when my ex roommate was looking for a house that would allow pets.

Start small and build a connection with your familiar, this deeper connection will also increase the power of your spells.The best place to begin your journey with your Dog familiar is with protective magic. Seen as harbingers of the Goddess, noting animals that appear is looked at as receiving guidance. You will learn a great deal more about magic from a cat than you would from any witch, a witch would sooner turn you into a toad than give you assistance in witchcraft.

If an animal has appeared in your life unexpectedly -- such as a stray cat that appears regularly, for instance -- it's possible that it may have been drawn to you psychically. Not everyone has, needs, or even wants a familiar. This ability also makes them the perfect messengers to the spirit world, if you want to pass on a message to a deceased friend, the Dog will gladly pass on this message for you. It has left an empty place in my heart but he was amazing! Sometimes they simply comfort when the owner is upset or sad, or even to amuse so that they can elevate the owner’s spirits. Wiccans especially study the significance of animals that cross their paths everyday to ascertain what message or suggestion is being given. Whenever you are doing astral or dream work, keep your familiar near to offer protection. Familiar spirits were usually kept in pots or baskets lined with sheep's wool and fed a variety of things including, milk, bread, meat, and blood.

The Dog has exceptional psychic abilities and will often foresee imperceptible dangers, pay attention to a dog’s behaviour, if he is barking or appears agitated, take notice of your surroundings, the Dog may be warning of an intruder, a dark spirit, peril of some sort or could even be warning about a health issue, such as a heart attack or epileptic fit.Dog’s also have the ability to see and hear spirits and you will often see the Dog barking at what appears to be nothing. And to not use the familiar will only frustrate the animal  … for they, like humans, have elected to have a life purpose.

As you journey, you may encounter various people or objects.

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