simonton narrow frame patio door

So your windows are installed perfectly and quickly.Build your vision with ease.

Energy-efficient, durable and totally customizable, this door can beautifully open a room.

Energy-efficient glass, premium vinyl construction and exclusive features provide dependable performance. Simonton offers replacement patio doors designed to elevate your home’s design.

dependable Strength-Fusion-welded frame and panel. With Decorum, you can select from exterior colors, woodgrain interiors and unique hardware options to perfectly complement your home and your style.If you lean toward the sleek and contemporary and are looking for less frame and more view, you’ve found your match in the Simonton 6200 Series.

All patio doors come equipped with a handle set which includes an interior and exterior handle and key lock.

Available with designer styling options, this window provides excellent energy efficiency along with prime curb appeal.

Available on the 6200 Series, Decorum® includes a portfolio of unique styling options that allows you to create a custom look that is distinctively yours.

Vinyl sliding glass patio doors are an affordable option for replacement projects and new home construction.Whether you’re embarking on a home renovation project or simply looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, there are several reasons you may want to consider replacement sliding patio doors.The cost of a custom sliding patio door is dependent upon size, style, and your preferences.

With different types of windows and an array of custom options, it’s hard to tell where your fit will be. Narrow Frame Patio Door Thermal Testing Data Asure Air-Water-Structural Testing Data It’s never been easier for you to get what you need to successfully close leads and have the most up-to-date information in the window industry.

Corrosion of rollers may occur in coastal applications or in areas with extreme fluctuations in weather patterns.Hugging the trees. Our custom sliding glass patio doors are available in a variety of sizes and styles.Sliding patio doors provide access to the outside, natural light and fresh air.

Be inspired by Simonton windows and doors in our Gallery. Not all features & options are available on all styles or regions of the country.Sliding patio doors are designed to open horizontally with at least one operating panel and one stationary panel.

Simonton Inovo Sliding Patio Door The Inovo Patio Door has an industry-leading design that delivers premium performance and functionality.

Fill your home with sunlight and lower your energy bills with the 6100 patio door.

Our sliding patio doors include a screen, so you can leave your door open and enjoy a comfortable breeze without worrying about insects getting inside. Shopping for windows and patio doors has never been easier.

That’s why we offer installation training for our preferred contractors and dealers. Sturdy extruded screen frame with fiberglass mesh allows you to open the door for fresh air without worrying about insects.

Since these doors don’t require any additional space for operation, you can enjoy sliding patio doors in rooms of all sizes.

Corrosion of rollers may occur in coastal applications or in areas with extreme fluctuations in weather patterns.Hugging the trees. Your contractor will work with you to design a custom patio door that fits your needs and budget.
Use our customizable shopping cart, House, to add your favorite styles to every room.

Enter your zip code to see windows and doors available in your area.Enter your zip code to see windows and doors available in your area.The perfect complement to your 6100 windows, this streamlined style offers a narrow frame for a larger viewing area and weather stripping for better energy efficiency. Take the Simonton quiz to find out which series and style best suits you.

That’s why we back all Simonton 6100 windows with a comprehensive warranty covering vinyl, hardware, screens, and insulating glass units.Choose from a selection of color, grille and style options to accomplish the look you want. Why choose vinyl sliding patio doors? Compare all the benefits of sliding patio doors in more detail here. Take the Simonton quiz to find out which series and style best suits you.

The mid-century modern era brought in the large glass panels. That’s why we back all Simonton 6200 windows and doors with a comprehensive warranty covering vinyl, hardware, screens, and insulating glass units.To learn more about how Simonton windows and doors help fill your home with natural light, improve energy efficiency and provide dependable performance, Your replacement windows should be as unique as your home.

Take the first step and request a free in-home consultation.

Simonton offers a selection of high-quality vinyl sliding patio doors.

Vinyl is a great choice for your home as it is virtually maintenance-free.

An investment you want protected.

An investment you want protected. Unlike with swing or hinged doors, you won’t have to worry about your furniture or other objects interfering with the operation of your sliding patio door. And today, because of its classic or contemporary styling, sliding patio doors blend into almost any home design.At Simonton, we offer high-quality custom sliding patio doors to meet your needs. Simonton built Contemporary Patio Doors are AAMA Gold certified passing stringent tests for thermal performance as well as air leakage, water infiltration and wind pressure.

*Corrosion-resistant refers to use in normal weather conditions without excess salt and debris in the atmosphere.

From selecting your windows, to choosing a pro to complete the job – it’s important you’re happy every step of the way. Start here when you sort by series or style.See our windows and doors in their element.

Give me the most energy efficient windows possible.Environmentally conscious but I really just want to save on my energy bills. increased Safety-Double-strength tempered glass.

If light is your best friend and an expansive view is what you crave, you’ve met your match in the Simonton 6200 sliding patio door.

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