small black snake like worm

Assuming you’re talking about the same exact snake. Cheers man…Mesa Arizona – I found one on the floor near the entrance to my bedroom this morning (Not near an outside wall or bathroom).

Maybe now that I know they are harmless, I’ll dispose them away and not kill them. They have dark gray or black, fuzzy bodies and long antennas. From 2 to 3 of this type of Snakes a day now it has reduced to 1 or 2 a month. The ear canal is too small to fit the body of the snake for sure, even a small one.

?No cure.

It was a lot longer than 150mm more like about twice that length. We found dozens of them in our home, having come through the shower drain. Maybe someone will write a comment below and tell you what they did that worked.Brahminy Blind Snake – Non Venomous – Not DangerousThailand Snakes, Snakebite, Herping, Tours, Snake Traps It is completely false. I have no idea how it got in. blind snack really venomous or not venomous I want to know about you.and I also know about centipitBlind snakes are NOT venomous.

I didn’t kill it, it went over the garden wall (to the neighbours!). It may also be found in grasslands adjacent to woodlands. could this have been a species of blind snake?Hi Jason, I have also found those things – they are more like worms – right? Clutches are placed in depressions under rocks, in cavities in the rotting wood of logs and stumps, and in old sawdust piles. But, there is no problem either. You threw it into your neighbors yard… what a great neighbor you are!

What the hell is it? Pretty impossible to create a mess that is so fine it prevents them from coming in.I am from “Bangladesh” . The name of my city is “Rangpur” .I didn’t think they climbed either until I saw one on my kitchen counter. It’s not like it’s going to get past your ear drum.I find this​ snake very often in my house under my daughter’s pillow, i really get scared and i had killed it, because i had heard that it enters into our ears,Hello sir, I am from Bangladesh. I live on the Ground floor.

All pipes must have caps on them while you’re not using them.where can i find this snake i have been looking everywhere i am from california,los angeles,culver cityI shot a video of one near my home , in india ….just an hour agoSaw one next to an ants nest at our house. Top of the head B. They do look like worms at first, but even so, was it smart to pick it up if you don’t know what it is?Hi… I knw it wasn’t… But it was brave… Isn’t it? We live in south florida and its been raining alot. Though this snake can be abundant in parts of its range, it is rarely seen becaus…

It’s not nice to see them indoors.They’re harmless, and many people have them in their homes. I want confirmation. You?Hello, I am seeing a lot of people on here saying they have found (and sadly killed) these awesome snakes, I am hoping someone who lives in an area that these creatures are native to can get in touch with me about catching some and sending them to me. I have heard about it entering the ears and causing deafness or being harmfull for the birds that eat them. I hope it will not bite right?I saw two of the little Brahminy snakes coming out of my shower drain yesterday. Description. It was black and a little skinnier than a spagetti.

!I thought it was a worm so I killed the one in my room, the other I threw it outside.

NOW I HAVE TO SAY AM SO SORRY TO KILL IT, KNOW ITS NOT HARMFULL..I don’t know what to say. Side of the head C. Underside of the head (chin and throat) D. Tail Range: The Brahminy Blind Snake is a non-native species from southeastern Asia.It was first reported in Florida in 1983, and has now been found from Key West in the Florida Keys, north throughout most of the peninsula, and west in Leon County in the panhandle.

I need suggestion, whether spraying antiseptic liquids or phenol in my bedroom entrance will restrict/ stop the entry of Brahminy snakeIf someone is sleeping on the floor, I guess it is possible to enter the ear. They eat termite eggs from what I’ve read.

Like ants in your house… it’s not a major issue…I find this​ snake very often in my house under my daughter’s pillow, i really get scared and i had killed it, because i had heard that it enters into our ears,If it enters your ears (and I’ve NEVER heard of one doing it) – you can simply pull it out with tweezers. The venter is tan, cream, or light yellow.

Me too have the same problem. All holes in your foundation and walls must be sealed. Be it in kitchen or bathroom which are in ground floor or at my bedroom(first floor).

what should i do if i find one? Just sweep it out the door with a broom.
I found it at visitor trail in Endau-Rompin National ParkI have seen them often. This is the first time I have seen this kind of a worm.

THEN I KILLED IT. Drain flies are no longer than 1/6-inch long. The length may be 30 cm and 6mm thickness. I was just telling a friend about this, and he has never seen one in his garden. Very small – yes?

I will pay.I had to kill so many that creeped out of the cracks under the doorway. I am not sure if it’s legal to send stuff like these abroad. They reappear every year. I actually did find this one in a termite heap that I was exploiting for potting soil.LOL! My husband threw insect pellets in yard and it helped get rid of them, but they were back next year.My son just found one in our bathroom and we freaked out and killed it.While in Karon recently I found a small snake?
I did a pesticide control spray for this.

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