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Smoky Night written by Eve Bunting, is a children's book about a boy named Daniel and his mother watching rioting and looting in the streets below them. The family and the rest of the apartment building must leave! Eve Bunting's tactile collages incorporating materials mentioned in the descriptions of the riots (cardboard and bubble wrap from appliance boxes, cereal from the grocery store, hangers and plastic bags from the dry cleaners) add a sense of reality and immediacy. 0000018419 00000 n It is a fairly intense story. Summary: The book was written to portray the experience of a young boy and his mother during the riots in Los Angeles in 1994. Daniel and his mother then both go to bed assuming the riots are over, but they quickly learn that their … Smoky Night. Smoky Night by Eve Bunting is a book unit. He watches out the window as people steal TVs, shoes, clothes, and food. The layout of each page is rich with collage work, acrylic and water colored illustrations of dark blues and greens, while getting lighter with yellows when his cat Jasmine is saved from the fire. Watching from their apartment window, they see rioters smashing windows and looting stores. In the middle of the night, a fire forces the boy and his mother to flee their apartment building and take refuge in a shelter, where African-American, Korean-American and Latino neighbors, some of whom are strangers to one another, have gathered in the confusion. They want to smash and destroy. It's a good book if you want to talk about rioting. Once at a safe shelter, Daniel realizes his cat is missing! I’m holding Jasmine, my cat. The layout of each page is rich with collage work, acrylic and water colored illustrations of dark blues and greens, while getting li In Smoky Night, our protagonist witnesses riots throughout his neighborhood and must relocate with his mother to a shelter after their apartment building catches fire. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. A young African-American child describes a night of fear when rioting occurs in his city neighborhood. Smoky night pdf Reading of the book which supports Paradigms in the Leader in Me program.Smoky Night is a 1994 childrens book by Eve Bunting. This story starts out simply being a boy and his cat. Illustrator: David Diaz. We only read this story and she got very upset after. "Rioting can happen when people get angry," his mother explains to him. {��u���J����Ԁ���P�2�(1=j�CtC�9V$�{JjZ����Oc��`�k8/yJ\h�!�!��Ҩ�h�9�yŠp f_rh��֑��l����u����D
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The words are easy to read and are in a style that is easy to recognize letters.I found this short picture book to be a fascinating teaching tool for children. It tells the story of Daniel, a young boy living in the middle of the Los Angles riots. Audience: Ages 8-10. . My kids were getting scared. The search for Daniel's cat continues throughout the whole story and Daniel's cat and his neighbors cat are finally retrieved and returned to Daniel from a firefighter.

. Smoky Night. I like the photograph quality on the left hand side of each page. My one complaint is that there is a scene where Daniel’s cat Jasmine is returned to him at the shelter. Watching news coverage of the Los Angeles riots, Eve Bunting wondered how children perceive such events, especially those who actually live through them. My kids were getting scared. They quickly soak up and internalize the values and cultural markers of their parents and communities. 19 0 obj <> endobj This is a sweet children’s book that tells the story of the fear of a young boy who is observing riots in his street, and how an unfortunate event can bring neighbors together and create new friendships.This isn't an easy book to read as an adult because I grasp what it means, probably moreso than a child would. Download Smoky Night PDF/ePub, Mobi eBooks without registration on our website.
Publisher: Voyager Books Harcourt Inc.. 0000001059 00000 n We welcome your comments and suggestions. Daniel and his mother then both go to bed assuming the riots are over, but they quickly learn that their building is then on fire and have to quickly evacuate.

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