south west toilet vastu remedies

The south west corner of a flat must always be used as a bedroom or store room in any flat. • Toilet - Relation Problems Happens with Toilet in SOUTH-WEST (SW) Vastu Zone. Plan properly after analysing all Vastu rules and requirements and blend them with your comfort and requirements. Ideal position - East for bathroom; west or north-west side of north for toilet. A toilet or bath room in the south west corner of a flat is not good as per Vastu.

...Kitchen in the North east corner of a house or Apartment is not good as per Vastu Shastra. Luck, Wealth and long life is also controlled by south west direction.

Kitchen : Place the gas stove in the South East part of the kitchen room keep a stool and cook something daily, such as, boil rice, make tea etc.

The direction of vastu element earth that lies midway between the West and the south is known as Nairutya or Nairuthi corner – south-west. ...A plot which has roads on west and north is called a north-west corner plot and it is regarded as one of the most excellent plot for better social status as per Vastu Shastra....When God created our Mother earth with lot of resources for the human kind to enjoy them, He never created anything that even resembles the word “MONEY”.

Unlike individual houses most of the basic structures could not be altered or modified in the flats and apartments.

Toilets if not as per Vastu may be the cause ; Just check with these guildlines and correct if neccessary. Toilet in the East corner / zone is a flaw. But in present century human life without this 6th Element other than the natural five Elements (fire, water, earth, space and air), is not even a dream.

See Vastu Remedies for North-East Cut, Bedroom at South-East, Toilet at South East, Vaastu Queries - My House has a Cut in northeast corner of 9x10 feet.. • Toilet - You are Working Hard but Still Having Little Gains and Also Facing Problems Related to Property, these problems arise due to Toilet (Activity of Disposal) in West Zone. If the door is positioned properly, the things and furniture can be placed as per Vastu rules, if not everything will go wrong and affect the overall Vastu energies of the flat or apartment. This corner must be kept clean and cool for the good vibrations of the building.

We spend the whole night here and can eaqsily gain the good Vastu energies while in sleep without any efforts.

Most popular tags Well, first we need to understand the procedures involved in deciding weather a toilet is in NE or not. Toilet in the South-East corner / zone is a flaw. Before digging into the remedies, let us first check how compatible are the positions of the room according to Vastu and the remedies following it. This Vastu defect may cause severe financial losses and constraints for the people living in these flats and apartments. pertaining to Main Door / … ...The doors in a flat or apartment is very important aspect of Vastu due the position of it lead to lot of other Vastu effects indirectly. 1. The north east corner is called as “Eeshanya Moolai” and is the doorway for the Natural Energy to come inside the building. Find More Solutions. ...Before buying or renting a flat or apartment few important points must be analyzed. Vastu Dosha (Flaws). The toilet seat should be placed in such a way that the person sitting could face the North or the South. Toilet in the North-East corner / zone is a major flaw.

Toilet in the South-West corner / zone is a major flaw. If your bed room creates good energy you can sleep well, get up early and work actively the whole day. Toilets if not as per Vastu may be the cause ; Just check with these guildlines and correct if neccessary. Vastu Shastra South West Corner Defects and Solutions South West is the very important in the Vastu and is controlled by Rahu. Vastu Tips for South-West facing apartment, flat, plot, home or office. Toilet in the North corner / zone is a flaw.

Vastu Remedies for Toilet, Bathroom Shower, WC Pot in Wrong Direction. Vastu-Shastra lays down rules for the placement of toilet and WC so that it won’t create any complication for any occupant.

• Toilet in NORTH-EAST causes Memory Loss, Paralysis and Neurological Problems. Vastu Remedies for South-West Facing House. Hence the basic Vastu positive and negative energies are also split and shared among all the flat owners.

Also, the toilet door should be kept closed at all times and one should avoid using this toilet or bathroom as far as possible. Placement of toilet in a home is most important for the health and wealth of the inmates living there.

...Maintaining bed rooms are very easy as per Vastu, to get a great life. And that too after the serials broadcast in these days, most people watch almost all the serials and sometime even postpone their programme for the sake of viewing the serials and dramas. Avoid construction of toilet at the centre and in the east, northeast of the house. Similar Questions Bathroom and Toilet - South East . ...A hall or living room in a flat or apartment is important to be as per Vastu Shastra, to lead a peaceful and happy living. If by hap toilet is placed at undesirable place then surely it would lead to major problems such as finance loss, health problems, mental tension and stress etc. The plot is divided in to undivided shares and split and shared among all the flat owners. Remedies. Any defect in South West will make the effort of owner unsuccessful and not get the results from his hard work. Out of twenty four hours in a day most of the time for house wives, old aged persons and children are occupied viewing T.V.

Any opening of the house towards the south-west brings a serious bad luck.Ideally, south-west area denotes earth element which indicates heaviness.

Many of you may not be comfortable with your stomach and suffer often with pain, constipation, indigestion..etc. We act as a platform of discussion for the users. Position and direction - Incompatible. We don't provide professional Vastu advice. Toilet in North-East, South-West, South-East, Center/Brahmasthan, Sharing Wall Temple … Continue reading "Vastu Shastra South West Corner Defects and Solutions"

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