spiritual veil thinning 2020

They can see us clearly from their side, but not us to them. This belief is observed during the Gaelic festival of Samhain and also the Day of the Dead, which roots go all the way back to the time of the Aztecs.Samhain translates to “end of Summer” and was a celebration of the end of the year. It has now improved. Getting to a personal thin veil moment can be achieved slowly through meditation and practice, too.

The veil of illusion is essentially the boundary between the physical and the spiritual realms.

I need You everyday day in my life!

SAM EVERYWHERE! Totally out of this world! I really appreciate it. Everyone has a box over the heart and mind.

Thank you to whoever is reading this, and may God bless you and shine His light on you.

This energy is triggering more and more people to awaken to … There are many cultures around the world that choose to celebrate the dead during the end of October and the start of November.In the western world there is All Hallows Eve and in Mexico, there is the Day of the Dead. I just had to put my finger on it! What are you doing?

Noise pollution and other psychic entities don’t realize I’m trying to help cause their believes are lies. Lord, I am yours!

So I’m what scientist can’t solve now Neutrinos…. I’m being attacked at all ends here. Yeah …isreal is Earl! I wonder if a recording camera would’ve captured this whole thing!? Before words there was numbers before numbers it was shapes. This Veil protects the entry way between this world and Heaven and is where we are greeted to see angels and our loved ones at when it is our time Heaven is real! Powered by

If you are grounded right now, know you don't have to go anywhere to experience the magic. These are when the auric veil around you may be more open, free, and transparent, and more energies can get through.

As more people wake up across the planet and begin to stand in empowerment to perceive and reach beyond The Veil… The rate at which The Veil is thinning further accelerates.The process of gradually peeling back the Veils of Illusion raises your frequency, expands consciousness and empowers you to enter into a heightened state of awareness.As more and more individuals wake up and experience beyond The Veil, this gradually and yet consistently Thins the Veil on a collective scale.Yes this is happening now, and yes, the thinning is accelerating.Okay… So we talked about what The Veil is and how it is consistently thinning…But have you heard of times like Samhain/ Halloween, “the witching hour” or maybe you’ve heard of or been to certain sacred sites or “thin places” where The Veil is naturally thinner?I’ll confirm it for you… There are absolutely certain times, and many, many different locations where The Veil between the physical and the spiritual is naturally thinner.One of the hidden keys to finding these thin times and places has to do with the liminal.Liminal comes from the Latin word līmen, which means “a threshold”…So liminal spaces or places where the veil is thin are the spaces where you have left something behind but are not yet fully in something else.For example: The space between where the Ocean ends and Land begins is a liminal “crossing over” space where if you stand there…You’re not quite in the Ocean, and you’re not quite on Land… You’re in-between space, both in the Ocean and on Land… And in a sense, in neither.As a result of being “in-between”, in a liminal space, peering through The Veil, which is the “in-between” of Spirit and Physical also becomes easier.So these points of in-between, both on the Earth, and found in time, are places where the veil is naturally thin, offering a boost in glimpsing beyond The Veil into the realms of Spirit.Additional liminal times or places where the veil is thin include:Samhain (the time of the year between Summer and Winter)The hypnogogic state (the state between dreaming and waking)Places where its foggy or misty (also where Water meets Air)Different thin places grant you access to different aspects of Spirit, and different spiritual dimensions. Awesome Inc. theme. Doorways included!

I felt it was many people, even though I didn’t see more faces. I was 52 MINUTES BEFORE 12. You will begin to feel neutral and not interested in anything.

Not this time.

I was raised and still am, very much Catholic. Thinking of your loved ones during this time of year thins the Vail and raises our collective consciousness.

She said they were a bunch of my family members who I know and don’t know who wanted to tell me to not worry about things I can’t control and that they are always going to be there with me, no matter what, every step of the way, until the end. If you don’t, consider adopting some traditions or ideas that resonate with you.Celebrating death is something we need to get comfortable doing, so why not use this time of year to honor and remember the cycles of life and death.

This term refers to the ethereal curtain that separates our physical world from what some would call the realm of magic.It is a thin shield that stops many from tapping into the powers that lay beyond our mortal world, a drapery hanging over the mystery and wonder of the eternally divine that connects all things.You might think of it as the dividing point between seen and unseen, known and unknown, or time-bound and timeless.

Celtic, druid..Oak tree yes I’m a nut and tune.But I never ate the apple. The Eagles were to beat 12! Saint Germain continued to say, “There is no such thing as a veil, however, there is a shift in energy between heavy physical matter and the lighter spiritual universe.

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