st240 trail machine for sale

If you thought your mountain bike was the most powerful tool on the trail, think again!

photo courtesy oregon.gov. You simply build a partial bench for one track to ride on and use the spoils to build a false bench. Since you run a radio-controled machine, I assume you have multiple channels in case where you might see another ST240 (or any other situation like that). Mini-ex is still king for many types of trail in multiple terrains though.

Right?The price question posted on this forum seems to be taking a very long time to get a response.The manufacturer says the Single Track 240 is made out of the "best components the world has to offer, and build it here, in America."

We have very, very rocky desert soils, volcanic mostly.What machines work best will be very dependent on what kind of soil you're in. Unless you want a 48" wide trail (the 500), get the Sutter 300 mini dozer, it's friggin amazing, like cutting cream cheese, you'll do a mile a day on those soils with minimal cleanup.

Seriously, I'd buy one if I could afford it: Sutter 300 Single Track Mini Trail Dozer - The Ultimate Trail Building Machine The machine seemed more top heavy than a skid steer but maybe with a lower center of gravity than an excavator.The remote control panel is HEAVY!

The other question is what do you do when you encounter narrow tree sections?Actually, narrow trail can be built by four foot machines.

I did not get a chance to try it in Asheville this year if it was there. The machine is narrow and can be adjusted to either 24″ or 36″ wide.

I have many questions (I will try to post pics). Thanks for the add. I know we average 20m (about 60ft) per hour with our Bobcat 425 mini-x (average 200m/day). 99 - $339.29 $ 339 . The professional machine trail builders I know who use mini excavators have said that they can't use such a technique on anything steeper then 60%.

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1964 Mustang Trail machine motorcycle / mini bike.


This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Narrow machine built trails are sorely needed. bbrusseau. I can't see how you can be nearly 3 times faster with the ST240.One last point.

These little walk behind skid steers are pretty good compromises for a lot of places.

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1960 Mustang Trail Machine For Sale in Citra, FL on Cycle Trader. Seriously, I'd buy one if I could afford it: There is a reason why there is no pricing info on the Sutter web page.....$65800.00 plus shipping to buy or $4850/month for rental.Yup, totally site dependent, which is why a mini dozer works well out here and a mini-ex does not. You must log in or register to reply here.

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