street sweeper shotgun

Still another odd shotgun design was the 27-inch long Neostad with two 6-shot tube magazines for a total of 12 rounds.Somewhat ironically, these firearms were intended for something quite like the U.S. popular culture “zombie apocalypse” scenario, where the white Boer/Afrikaner/European-descended farmer would have a firearm at his/her disposal while the mob of presumed atavistic aggressors would have melee weapons…I remember seeing the MAG-7 shotguns for sale, and I really kick myself for not buying one at the time…Was just about to mention the MAG-7. Recall another time when someone brought an M-11 looking gun, complete with fake suppressor. These would definitely make for real collector’s items today.Excellent link concerning the Becker. In this perspective, the Streetsweeper is better than nothing. The Breda is limited by its fixed hinged magazine (and it is fed by 20-round strips), a need for oil and cleanliness, and a lack of a good fore stock. To all, many thanks for sharing such intriguing and valuable information!The first line should read as “David Carlson”. You can see it here:The Milkor MGL is at least easier to load. I’ve had getting on for $200,000,000,000 (200 billion) in zim dollar notes in my shirt pocket – the guy who loaned them to me, got out of Zim before the $100,000,000,000,000 (one hundred trillion) notes were issued. When this gun was designed Rhodesia was a country under heavy sanctions and under pressure from a guerilla war that would eventually destroy it.
There were other oddities like the Northwood R76 and other similar weapons.The Rhodesian/S. You couldn’t aim it I think you just fired it off when your truck was ambushed and prayed it scared someone off. Worked for me.The Jackhammer is one of the most gloriously stupid designs ever made. Thus, the Winchester M1897 is not appreciably different from the WInchester M12, which is not appreciably different from the Mossberg 590a1…Duncan Long, _Streetsweepers: The Complete Book of Combat Shotguns_ (Boulder: Paladin Press, 2004).There is no substitute for shotgun’s short range capability. The new shotgun was named the The weapon's action is similar to that of a revolver, using a rotating cylinder.
It had to develop an arms industry fast and in such desperate times all things are considered and similarities to the last ditch weapons of the third Reich can be drawn except there was no real manufacturing base or tradition of firearm design in Rhodesia. It loads more like a Smith & Wesson with its cylinder swung out of the frame.Terrible is right. The design could be made and got out to rhodesian farmer’s quickly and yes its not pretty but still offers a lot of firepower for a small investmentIncidently anyone remember i think something called the spider a vehical roof mounted circular array of 12 gauge barrels (12 i think) that was developed in Rhodesia at this time. Shell ejection was by an ejector rod along the right hand side of the barrel. I remember thinking, well, most cops would appreciate it if crooks would put a big honking piece of useless pipe on the front of their 9mm semi-automatic pistols, and make the pistols as boxy as possible. Originally designed in 1980 by a Rhodesian man named Hilton Walker, the Striker shotgun was refined and manufactured in South Africa before making its way over to the US. Author has 9K answers and 6.7M answer views Yes, it is legal to own the shotgun marketed as a “Street Sweeper”. As such, existing ones had to be registered with the ATF, and sale of one today requires a $200 tax stamp and the standard NFA transfer process.

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