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She then tells him that she has been hired by the government to administer a rehabilitation process on Crazy K, in hopes that he will change his ways.

After being touched by the old man, Henry finally sees the spirit of Emmett, who laments that he went through a lot of hell for nothing because Henry is voting against the interests of his people. He then blasts the doll with his Metger manages to lock the doll outside and tries to figure out a way to help himself. With Clarence Williams III, Corbin Bernsen, Joe Torry, De'aundre Bonds. The film is the sequel to Cundieff and Scott's 1995 horror anthology Tales from the Hood.

In the limo after Rhodie's funeral, Metger notices the doll and orders his African-American driver to pull over, so he can throw the doll out the window into the street. When Crazy K tries to justify some of his murders as killing people who had wronged him, a little girl …

Tales from the Hood: The Soundtrack is the soundtrack to Rusty Cundieff's 1995 horror film, …

But also suspicious of how he knows the details of Crazy K's murder. As Newton is driving the vehicle, Moorehouse jumps on top of the vehicle and His vengeance nearly complete, Moorehouse accosts Smith, asking him why he did not help him when he was being beaten.

The film opens by introducing as to the four characters starring in a frame story.

He refuses to surrender the money, explaining that he has given up being a pimp and that the money is part of a foundation he has established to build two Meanwhile, TV psychic John Lloyd records the chatter among his audience members before the show and uses the notes provided by his staff to present the illusion of psychic abilities. William Cotton arrives in SUVs labelled Klan Patrol and Emily accuses Henry of Beach presents the "Robo Patriot" at a press conference and claims that it can As he runs away. Then Cushing finally gives up on him.

Then Cushing has K watch a slideshow were images of the KKK and various lynchings are combined with images of his own victims. Stack, Ball and Bulldog think Mr. Simms is crazy after hearing the story.

It’s up to the Grimms to uncover evidence to save their friend, though Sabrina starts to wonder whether they would all be safer with the Wolf in j…

Tales from the Hood is a 1995 horror drama anthology film directed by Rusty Cundieff and executive-produced by Spike Lee. Later that night, Mr. Garvy visits Walter's home and asks Walter's mother, Sissy (Mr. Garvy turns around to check on Walter, and sees Carl abusing Walter and Sissy.

Tales from the Hood | The Title Screens Wiki | Fandom ... 1995 The fourth story is called "Hard-Core Convert." The protagonist is Jerome John (Lamont Bentley), nicknamed Crazy K. He is a violent gang member and homicidal psychopath, noted for being merciless. A trio of teenage drug dealers operating in South Central Los Angeles visit a mortuary to purchase drugs from its owner. The souls protest and accuse him even more, but he grows increasingly angry and defensive.

They tell him to channel Cliff Bettis but when John begins to act out a seance, he finds himself possessed by a series of different spirits accusing the robbers of unjustly killing them. As described by a prison guard Crazy K has received a life sentence for suspicion of murder three times along with other charges. Later, Carl's burnt and twisted corpse is in the coffin in Simms' Funeral Home (although many broadcast TV versions show Walter in the casket instead of Carl).

Meanwhile, Metger and his African-American "image-maker" assistant Rhodie (While Metger and Rhodie are working on Metger's media skills, Rhodie falls down the stairs to his death (it is later learned that the doll seen under the floorboard earlier was the cause). Emily insists that Henry kidnapped her hits him with a lamp, then Dr. Gwinette drives her away. Multiple golliwog dolls then burst out of her stomach. It starts with Clarence Smith (Anthony Griffith), a rookie African-American cop, going on his first night patrol with partner Newton (The second story is called "Boys Do Get Bruised." Finally, Mr. Garvy gives the paper to Walter, who burns it.

In a sensory deprivation chamber, K is confronted by the souls of everyone he has ever slain. In fact, a surviving painting of Miss Cobbs seems to be haunted and to have much to do with various incidents surrounding Duke.

The film was a modest box office hit at the time of release. After they look at the second casket, Mr. Simms tells them about a boy named Walter. A trio of teenage drug dealers operating in South Central Los Angeles visit a mortuary to purchase drugs from its owner.

Mr. Canis. When Metger throws a vase at the doll, it disappears and attacks Metger out of nowhere, trying to eat him. Directed by Rusty Cundieff. Mr. Simms explains the final moments of the man known as Crazy K.

Ultimately Cliff begins to speak through John and the robbers and they threaten to kill Sandra if Cliff doesn't tell them where the money is. Colonna sonora.

The segments "The Medium" and "Date Night" were directed by Darin Scott.

Horror is back in the hood! Unnerved by the revelation, they threaten Simms, telling him he'll be killed unless he reveals how he knows this, and gives them their drugs.

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