tech trials fork adjustment

Fork tube Tech Gold (right side) F100018.

Fork tube Tech Silver (left side) F100001.

Tech recommend OJ Racing Fork oil Type 01 which has the following specs: Viscosity at 40º C --> 15.06 mm 2 /s (cSt) Viscosity at 100ºC --> 3.472 mm 2 /s (cSt) Index of viscosity (VI) --> 106.

Stanchion Tubes Its low friction, black titanium coated stanchion tubes, combined with progressive rate springs and hydraulic compression adjustments provide an exceptionally smooth, progressive ride. Adjust the forks lower in the triple clamps.

SKU: ASUFO01. • Forged, polished and anodized aluminum lower legs TECH Trials forks are currently the best forks available for Trials. Jon.

Length - 747 mm.

SKU: ASUFO00. • Forged, polished and anodized aluminum lower legs Stroke

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Oh be careful not to lose the small aluminium piece from the top of the damper rod!To do a quick check and save you taking the top cap off the damper rod you can use a thin rule and put it down the side of the top cap, then push the top cap down to the top of the forks you should then have around a 58mm air gap from the top of the oil to the top of the fork stanchion (this is for the Sherco with the steel stanchions only).Tech specify an air gap (see table below) from the top of the oil to the top of the fork stanchion for the left hand fork leg, the one with the spring in it, this is with the forks bottomed out and the spring removed from the fork leg.Tech recommend OJ Racing Fork oil Type 01 which has the following specs:Hi, The rear shock tends to last longer than the forks before they need a service but if your riding regularly it's worth having it serviced once a year, Thanks for the info do you have to fill the actual damper rod system after dismantiling it or just fill the outside to desired amount in the outer chamber whem assembed back together?Chris, Thank you for pointing me in the direction of your technical blog for oil quantities in my Tech front forks.

Compression Kit for the Tech Suspension front forks.

As the seal wears or as the fork tube gets pitted it can lose the ability to keep the air out.

TECH Suspension Moto: Gas Gas Raga/Racing/Factory 12-18, Jotagas 2012/14-15, Montesa 4RT/RR 14-18, Ossa Factory 2014, Sherco 11-18, TRS One 16-18, Vertigo Combat 15-18Color: BlackSize: 39MMBrand: TECHDesigned and developed on the tracks of the trials World championships. Spring TECH Trials Forks 39mm BRIGHT GOLD bottom, GOLD STEEL (TRS) tubes

I messaged the Tech rep on Facebook and he told me that Kayaba 01 Motorcross fork oil is the exact same as the OJ01 fork oil the manual recommends (at least on my '17 gas gas 250).

Weight Somewhere in the middle, good start! Type of use - Trials.

If you observe packing, soften rebound. Kit - Hydraulic compression adjustment Stanchion tubes with surface titanium coating color black.

Check for packing, which is identified by kick to the side in hard to loam conditions.

The closest oil we have to these specs is the Ipone Fork Fluid 3W, you will easily have enough oil to do both fork legs with a … Related Products ***Out of Stock*** Quick view ***Out of Stock*** FUTURE TRIAL FORK BRACE. G2-R Cartridge Kits are the most costly fork upgrade, but offer the most in performance and tunability.

€ 221.00.

I ordered it through Cycle Gear (Tucker Rocky) and forks feel great. € 400.00.

$87.95. I had a rider in New Zealand ask me about damping adjustments on the new Tech forks. The solution is to rebuild the forks and replace the seals.

Tech Tips: Setting Up and Adjusting Motorcycle Forks - YouTube 165mm By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. This set also has the red full compression adjuster under the right-hand fork leg.

Designed for racing; the Trials fork is recognized for its • Forged, polished and anodized aluminum lower legs TRIAL 039 RACING TECH FORKS Tech. Stroke

TECH Trials forks are currently the best forks available for Trials.GOLD BOTTOM / GOLD STEEL TUBES, same fork fitted to TRS RR / GOLDThis set also has the red full compression adjuster under the right-hand fork leg.Trial Bike & Enduro Bikes Specialists – Parts, Accessories & ClothingBe the first to see NEW Trials and Enduro Clothing and Products, and get access to exclusive offers.

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