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A top performing pupil of The Academy who is mentoring Lucy Gray Baird in the 10th Hunger Games in the hopes of winning a scholarship. ; Affectionate Nickname: Is called "Coryo" by people close to him. Collins seems to know that he's a slimy choice for a protagonist, but his unimpressed reactions to the Capitol's tacky attempts at spectacle make his perspective engaging nonetheless.Perhaps even more than it tells Snow's backstory, "The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes" explains the creation of the Hunger Games as we come to know them.Having just won a long war against the districts, the Capitol lacks the resources to make the Games into more than a brutal, minimalist punishment — the 24 tributes are housed in a filthy zoo enclosure, with little to do before they're thrown into a literal sports arena filled only with a handful of weapons.Snow notes how hardly anyone in all of Panem watches the event — it's such a bluntly cruel punishment that even Capitol citizens find it hard to stomach.

She herself states that, as a Covey, she didn't actually come from District 12 and only got stranded there because of Capitol policies.

----* AscendedExtra: He is the protagonist of ''The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes''.

* TheRival: Coriolanus Snow thinks of him as a rival.

She is the daughter of Nero Price, who works in the railroad industry.The mentor of the District 12 male tribute of the 10th Hunger Games, Jessup Diggs.The glum mentor of Wovey from District 8 and a presumed ancestor of Plutarch Heavensbee.The grand-nephew of the President and the mentor of Dill, the District 11 girl.The District 4 male tribute of the 10th Hunger Games.

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is a dystopian action-adventure novel by American author Suzanne Collins. * NeverFoundTheBody: After she finds out Snow's betrayal of Sejanus, she disappears without leaving a trace on the ----* GentleGiant: Described as taller and larger than the other students, but he's quite nice, if a bit [[GrumpyBear grumpy]].

He realizes that if he destroyed the weapons, there would be no link between him and the murders, allowing him to rejoin Capitol society as a successful officer. Dedicated "Hunger Games" fans will recognize Snow's older cousin, Tigris, who appears towards the end of "Mockingjay" and allows Katniss to hide in her Capitol shop during the rebels' attack on the Capitol. Since the story mostly sticks to the Capitol instead of following a tribute into the Games themselves, some will likely find that it lacks the immediate urgency that makes the original books such compelling page-turners.Even if it's not an essential addition to the "Hunger Games" series, "The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes'" clever exploration of the world and how its perverse forms of entertainment and control came to be are bound to satisfy fans.It may not be a particularly comforting form of escapism, but Collins' uneasy, thought-provoking prequel is absorbing all the same.Like what you see here?

Like her namesake, Lucy Gray eventually disappears after Snow tries to kill her, although it's not explicitly stated whether she dies, decides to retreat to the wilderness, or changes her identity to escape her pursuers. Lucy Gray hastily exits the house to collect some food. "Snow's authoritarian convictions grew out of the experiences of his childhood," Our protagonist's idea to coerce people into caring about the Games by putting the veneer of an appealing narrative atop it also forces readers to interrogate their own interest in the events of the original books.Watching the tributes in "The Ballads of Songbirds and Snakes" be treated as little more than animals is much less engaging than the tribute parade, fancy dresses, and plucky underdog stories that we're used to seeing in a "Hunger Games" book. * IllBoy: He is suffering from asthma and dies of its complications right before the Games start.

They are mentored by Livia Cardew and Palmyra Monty, respectively.The District 2 male tribute of the 10th Hunger Games.

In the poem, the titular Lucy Gray disappears during a snowstorm, though her body was never found.

He is mentored by Clemensia Dovecote.The male District 12 tribute of the 10th Hunger Games.

* GadgeteerGenius: She is able to reverse engineer the drones used to deliver the sponsor's gifts, inciting them to attack Mizzen and causing him to fall to his death. * BerserkButton: Being treated like an animal.

He is mentored by Persephone Price.The District 4 female tribute of the 10th Hunger Games. His family originally came from District 2.The Covey are the family of musicians Lucy Gray Baird comes from.

By the time of ''The Hunger Games'', however, his appearance * EstablishingCharacterMoment: We first see her at the Reaping, where she grabs attention with her fancy rainbow dress, and then proceeds to [[spoiler:stuff a snake down Mayfair Lipp's dress and sings a song afterward]]. During a tour of the dilapidated Arena, undetected bombs from the Dark Days explode, killing several tributes and mentors. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. * BeautyToBeast: His attractiveness is occasionally commented on and a lot of his classmates crushed on him.

Her parents are both dead, she shares her name with a very old poem in which her namesake died a mysterious death, and finally, she disappears from the faces of the earth without any explanation at the end of ''The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes''. The 9 year old cousin of Lucy Gray Baird.

He is mentored by Lysistrata Vickers.The President of Panem in the years before and after the Dark Days.The daughter of Mayor Lipp. Sejanus is arrested by Peacekeepers and hanged, leaving Lucy Gray and Coriolanus as the only remaining witnesses of the murders. ]]* MeaningfulName: Lucy Gray is the title of a poem by Creator/WilliamWordsworth.

"Making Snow the main character also gives the book a surprising, dark sense of humor. He hurries out of the office, still bent on leaving with Lucy Gray. The bodies are discovered by the Covey after the concert. * BeautyToBeast: His attractiveness is occasionally commented on and a lot of his classmates crushed on him. * CombatPragmatist: He claims that he knows five different ways to kill someone with a sewing needle. An audiobook of the novel read by American actor Santino Fontana was released simultaneously with the printed edition. He is assigned to interview tributes before the Games, in a show called The father of Persephone Price, a girl in Coriolanus Snow's class.The lover of Arlo Chance. Coriolanus is completely convinced of the necessity of the Games and the importance of the Capitol. * DesecratingTheDead: Like the District 1 tributes, for trying to escape the stadium, she has her body dragged by horses during the opening of the Games.

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