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1979 film by James Bridges The China Syndrome Promotional poster Directed byJames Bridges Produced byMichael Douglas Written byMike Gray T. S. Cook James Bridges StarringJane Fonda Jack Lemmon Michael Douglas Music byStephen Bishop CinematographyJames Crabe Edited byDavid Rawlins Production company IPC Films Major Studio Partners Distributed byColumbia Pictures Release date … Please enable it to continue. The movie is ... well-acted, well-crafted, scary as hell. It is that this scenario could really happen...atmosphere produced in the plants' The film opened in 534 theatres in the United States and grossed $4,354,854 in its opening weekend.The March 1979 release was met with backlash from the nuclear power industry's claims of it being "sheer fiction" and a "character assassination of an entire industry. Godell taps the first gauge, which immediately unsticks and drops to indicate very low levels. The movie 's title refers to a nuclear accident of the worst kind. Watch The China Syndrome Full Movie Stream on 123Movies. The China Syndrome is a 1979 film starring Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon and Michael Douglas.

We're sorry but jw-app doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. The events leading up to the "accident" in so accurate that, even though they're fictional, they could easily be documentaries...we see the greatest fears of the The power of this film is more than just the acting, although Lemmon is superb, and more than just the script. The China Syndrome (Also Known As: El síndrome de China) is a Drama, Thriller film directed by James Bridges and written by Mike Gray. Minutes into the broadcast, plant technicians deliberately cause a SCRAM so they can distract Godell and retake the control room. A tearful Kimberly concludes her report and the news cuts to commercial. Hector's car is run off the road and the radiographs are taken from him.

...a terrific thriller that incidentally raises the most unsettling questions about how safe nuclear power plants really are. A Plant officials try to paint Godell as emotionally disturbed, but are contradicted by a distraught Spindler on live television saying Godell was not crazy and would never have taken such drastic steps had there not been something wrong. Storyline: A news reporter and her cameraman are unintentional witnesses to a SCRAM incident, an … "The sequence of events in the movie is based on events that occurred in 1970 at the Grabbing a gun from a security guard, he forces everyone out, including his friend and co-worker Ted Spindler, and demands to be interviewed by Kimberly on live television.

Plant management agrees to the interview in order to buy time as they try to regain control of the plant. The crew urgently pump water back in and celebrate in relief at bringing the reactor back under control.Richard has surreptitiously filmed the incident, despite being asked not to film for security reasons. He takes refuge inside the plant, where he finds that the reactor is being brought up to full power. Godell is chased by the men waiting outside his home. Kimberly's superior refuses her report of what happened. Kimberly and Richard ask him to testify at the NRC hearings over Foster-Sullivan's plans to build another nuclear plant. Another operator notices a second gauge indicating low water levels. He pushes to delay restarting the plant, but the plant superintendent wants nothing standing in the way of the restart. Kimberly and Richard confront Godell at his home and he voices his concerns. Godell agrees to obtain, through Hector, the false radiographs to take to the hearings. Richard steals the footage and shows it to experts who conclude that the plant came perilously close to meltdown – the During an inspection of the plant before it is brought back online, Godell discovers a puddle of radioactive water that has apparently leaked from a pump. While visiting the (fictional) Ventana nuclear power plant outside In response to a gauge indicating high water levels, Godell begins removing water from the core, but the gauge remains high as operators open more valves to dump water.

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