the following are ways to be a courteous personal watercraft

Which of the following is a recommended practice for PWC ... What do courteous pwc operators always do?

Many people would love to see them outlawed altogether, and there are currently many local jurisdictions that are attempting just that.With common sense and common courtesy, both PWC users and traditional boaters can coexist and enjoy their time on the water.

Did you know that a PWC was even considered a boat?

Be courteous and respectful. That is a huge number of boats, and unfortunately there is an equal amount of misunderstanding to go along with them.

Righting your craft improperly may make it more difficult than necessary to re-board, and you could cause internal damage to your PWC. Finally, don't forget to re-attach your cut-off lanyard.When operating a PWC, keep clear of shallow water (less than two feet deep) or beds of sea grass or other vegetation.

Personal Water Craft (PWC) have become a major force in boating over the last few years, now accounting for over 1/3 of new boat sales annually.

Don’t abandon your vessel if it overturns. Ride at controlled speeds so you can see any animals ahead of you. However, they are only maneuverable with the throttle engaged – TO MAINTAIN STEERAGE, YOU MUST APPLY THROTTLE! Most Common Questions Do I need a boating license or boating safety certificate to operate a boat or personal watercraft (PWC) in Florida?Anyone under the age of 22 (21 and under) is required to have a boating safety education ID card along with a photo ID while operating a vessel with 10 horsepower or greater in Florida waters. Birds will typically fly away from disturbing noises and any unnecessary expenditure of energy can harm a feeding or resting bird.

c. A person using a sailboat of completely open construction, not equipped with propulsion machinery, under 26' in length. Mammals such as sea otters, sea lions, manatees and whales can be injured from direct impact by boats traveling at high speeds.

Additionally, PWIA and its members endorse the use of shoreline sound measurement laws as contained in the National Marine Manufacturers Association Model Noise Act, and the establishment of slow-speed/no- wake zones near shore for all boats. This will help keep dirt and debris from fouling the impeller, which could lead to power loss or damage to your PWC.As Personal Water Craft are considered to be type "A" motor craft, they must adhere to certain Coast Guard requirements as follows.It is always a great idea to check your watercraft prior to every outing.

To re-board your craft, approach the rear of the PWC, pull yourself up into a kneeling position, take your seat, start it up and continue on your trip. The leading cause of PWC accidents is striking an object (usually another PWC). It is illegal to trade, kill, hunt, collect, harass, harm, pursue, shoot, trap, wound or capture species designated as endangered, or in danger of extinction, such as threatened, rare, and species of concern.

If all PWC users faithfully obeyed the law, there would be far fewer complaints, and consequently far fewer usage restrictions. To start, think of the terms used for a boat - they will be the same for a PWC.When PWCs first came on the market, they were generally designed for only one person and were designed for high maneuverability.

Watch your wake. No person may use a boat unless the required U.S. Coast Guard approved visual distress signals are readily available and in good and serviceable condition. Between sunset and sunrise, no person may use a boat less than 16 feet in length on coastal waters unless U.S. Coast Guard approved visual distress signals suitable for night use are on board. If at all possible, stay in main channels.Excessive boat wakes may contribute to shoreline erosion, especially in narrow streams and inlets. The Personal Watercraft Industry Association has created a code of ethics for PWC users that really is valuable for all boaters.We all have a duty to the next generation to protect our bountiful natural resources.

There are about one MILLION PWCs in use today.

There are about one MILLION PWCs in use today.That is a huge number of boats, and unfortunately there is an equal amount of misunderstanding to go along with them.

Today's models generally come with a good deal of storage space for gear, and have a very traditional "dashboard" with gauges. In fact, many states ban the use of PWCs at night.Many states require that Personal Floatation Devices be worn at all times while on a PWC. Good manners and professional demeanor are hard skills that employers value in employees.

a. PWC operators control their own destiny regarding new restrictions.The PWC industry itself is a leader in responsible use of their products. Avoiding vegetation and debris will also spare your delicate propulsion machinery from unnecessary damage.Obey the law! Personal Watercraft Rules & Safety. 11.

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