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But you—wrapped up in judgment, always regretting the past, cursing yourself, blaming yourself, asking ‘what if,’ ‘what if.’ ‘Life is cruel.’ ‘I wish I had died instead of.’ Well—think about this.

For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: ). “But depression wasn't the word. And I add my own love to the history of people who have loved beautiful things, and looked out for them, and pulled them from the fire, and sought them when they were lost, and tried to preserve them and save them while passing them along literally from hand to hand, singing out brilliantly from the wreck of time to the next generation of lovers, and the next.” It’s a secret whisper from an alleyway. the goldfinch, boreo, goldfinchedit, boreo aesthetic, boris x theo, mhm cest trash and thats gallavich, *stft, *mine, mikkeljensen : Ansel Elgort filming The Goldfinch in NYC (3.16.18)

“Because--isn't it drilled into us constantly, from childhood on, an unquestioned platitude in the culture--? “Who cares? “When you feel homesick,’ he said, ‘just look up. I guess you'll have to see it in theaters this weekend to find out!1.

“Stay away from the ones you love too much. “A great sorrow, and one that I am only beginning to understand: we don’t get to choose our own hearts. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt // The Goldfinch (2019) dir. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life.” “Because I don’t care what anyone says or how often or winningly they say it: no one will ever, ever be able to persuade me that life is some awesome, rewarding treat. video source - @pvlikvsky. That fate is cruel but maybe not random. But when I think of you, it's as if you've gone away to sea on a ship—out in a foreign brightness where there are no paths, only stars and sky.” Those are the ones who will kill you.” — “You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. 3:11. finn wolfhard being a meme for 4 minutes straight - Duration: 4:01. 5. None of us ever find enough kindness in the world, do we?”

the goldfinch boreo theo decker boris pavlikovsky the goldfinch spoilers. Psst, you. Because the moon is the same wherever you go.” — “—if a painting really works down in your heart and changes the way you see, and think, and feel, you don’t think, ‘oh, I love this picture because it’s universal.’ ‘I love this painting because it speaks to all mankind.’ That’s not the reason anyone loves a piece of art. How do we know what's right for us? "Follow your heart." Yes you.” You’ve comeOne of my big goals this year was to become better atI fell head over heels in love with verse novels a fewYour easy-to-use book review format and why it works!

“For all time, as long as history remembered, that painting will be mourned.” – Theo4. Boreo Smut Fanfiction. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love.

921 quotes from The Goldfinch: ‘I had the epiphany that laughter was light, and light was laughter, and that this was the secret of the universe.’ What if maybe opposite is true as well? Also requests would be helpful cuz I might run out of ideas... #boreo #boris #boyxboy #finn #gay #goldfinch #smuttyfanfic #smutwarning #thegoldfinch #theo 'The Goldfinch' quotes 401 Reads 22 Votes 3 Part Story.

And in the midst of our dying, as we rise from the organic and sink back ignominiously into the organic, it is a glory and a privilege to love what Death doesn’t touch.” ― Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch tags: death, meaning 822 likes where does it ever say, anywhere, that only bad can come from bad actions? From William Blake to Lady Gaga, from Rousseau to Rumi to Tosca to Mister Rogers, it's a curiously uniform message, accepted from high to low: when in doubt, what to do?

What if our badness and mistakes are the very thing that set our fate and bring us round to good? It's a smut. John Crowley. That Nature (meaning Death) always wins but that doesn’t mean we have to bow and grovel to it. I hope you find it to be a great resource!Sign up for the Broke By Books newsletter for exclusive articles, reviews, and book blogging tips! ... my dear" BOREO FLUFF. “Every new event—everything I did for the rest of my life—would only separate us more and more: days she was no longer a part of, an ever-growing distance between us. “Everything would have turned out better if she lived.” – Theo. Forget all this ridiculous ‘Our Town’ nonsense everyone talks: the miracle of a newborn babe, the joy of one simple blossom, Life You Are Too Wonderful To Grasp, &c. For me – and I’ll keep repeating it doggedly till I die, till I fall over on my ungrateful nihilistic face and am too weak to say it: better never born, than born into this cesspool. “Sometimes we want what we want even if we know it’s going to kill us.” For if disaster and oblivion have followed this painting down through time—so too has love.

Those first images that crack your heart wide open and you spend the rest of your life chasing, or trying to recapture, in one way or another?” — “Who’s to say that gamblers don’t really understand it better than anyone else? Welcome back. And I feel I have something very serious and urgent to say to you, my non-existent reader, and I feel I should say it as urgently as if I were standing in the room with you. And I keep thinking too of the more conventional wisdom: namely, that the pursuit of pure beauty is a trap, a fast track to bitterness and sorrow, that beauty has to be wedded to something more meaningful.

Kids shouting and skidding in the playground with no idea what future Hells await them: boring jobs and ruinous mortgages and bad marriages and hair loss and hip replacements and lonely cups of coffee in an empty house and a colostomy bag at the hospital.

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