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Use the HTML below. The Great Divide, or simply the Divide, is a large canyon located in the rocky regions of the central Earth Kingdom and the largest canyon in the world. The Great Divide is the eleventh episode of Book One of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The episode focuses on the main cast trying to cross the titular Great Divide, the world's largest canyon. It doesn't advance the plot or show character. That night, Katara learns that Jin Wei of the Zhang stole a sacred orb from Wei Jin of the Gan Jin as he was carrying it during a ritual, while Sokka is told that Wei Jin was only trying to help and was betrayed by Jin Wei who said that he was trying to steal it. When Aang asks Katara and Sokka if the tribes might work together at all, the siblings begin to argue, both siding with their assigned tribe. Discussion. "Avatar: The Last Airbender" The Great Divide (TV Episode 2005) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. I just got done watching it, and I think it’s misunderstood. The Great Divide is a fan-favorite Avatar episode, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have some major flaws... By Cat Wyatt Aug 16, 2020 Avatar: The Last Airbender had a lot of iconic episodes over the course of three seasons.
There is no movie. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. Realizing that the Avatar may be right, the tribal leaders prepare to fight to the death in order to end the feud. The next destination the gang stumbles into is the Great Divide, the world's largest canyon. I feel as though a lot of us older fans have just grown to hate it over timeThis is the subreddit for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, the comics, the upcoming Netflix live action ATLA series, novels, games, and all other Avatar content.Press J to jump to the feed.

The great divide. It may not have been the greatest way to moralize it, but it makes total sense.The story about their feud is a total myth in and of itself, no one really knows what happened, and thus the rivalry goes on. The group's incapacity to get along forces Aang to separate it, with Katara leading the Gan Jin and Sokka leading the Zhang. The Gan Jin are on the left, and the Zhang are on the right. Two Earth Kingdom tribes bicker with each other about how to cross the canyon, having been enemies for a century. In some cases, such as those of the Zhang and Gan Jin tribes, the divide served as a link between refugee towns and the Earth Kingdom capital city of Ba Sing Se. On that last point, I have to disagree on a few things here. The next day, the two tribes reunite and reach the end of the canyon. The tribes themselves also begin arguing again and when Aang tries to pacify them with his belief that "harsh words won't solve problems, action will". After the group makes it across the Divide Aang is able to end the feud by telling the tribes that he knew their heroes and that it's all a misunderstanding over a game. We can't get enough of these LGBTQ+ powerhouse pairs.Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? When Aang sadly states that getting the two factions to cooperate is virtually impossible and that the most important issue before them is escaping the canyon, the guide wonders if the two problems are connected.

He successfully solves their minor disputes, but Aang tries to put his skills to practical use, when the Gan Jin and the Zhang, who have been in a feud for 100 years, need to cross the canyon together.

Aang is tested as the Avatar when he must help two feuding clans cross a …

First, it's not just "absorbing portal energy". 628k. Aang, angry, uses Safe and out of danger, the two tribes compliment each other's ability to take on the crawlers but subsequently pick up their feud right where they left off and are on the verge of a physical altercation when Aang, upon hearing the names of the two tribes' ancestors for the first time, suddenly pipes up that he knew the two men personally long ago. That’s right, it’s THAT episode!

Also around the same time, both tribes reveal that they brought food into the canyon against the orders of the guide, justifying their actions by stating that they should not go hungry while the other tribe, which they both believe to have brought food with them, eats. The tribe eventually entered a conflict with the Zhangs, another tribe.
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Aang is tested as the Avatar when he must help two feuding clans cross a dangerous canyon peacefully. Their respective opinions cause Katara and Sokka to sympathize with the groups they are accompanying. (As I whine and complain about it lol)As much as ur making a good point, the reason it's hated so much, at least in my opinion, is because it's the only filler episode in the series.

Most, if not all of the other episodes build upon each other in a way that leaves you confused if you missed any of themYeah, I understand the point the writers are tying to make but there’s just so much whining and pettiness in that episode! Both tribes soon tell their guests their version of the story behind their feud. With the help of the earthbender guide of the canyon, he escorts the rest across the vast, dry landscape. The episode focuses on the main cast trying to cross the titular Great Divide, the world's largest canyon. The men had not been enemies, but eight-year-old twin brothers, who played a As the tribes depart, Sokka tells Aang how convenient it was that he knew the twins. Sokka and Katara start bickering, so Aang decides to put his Avatar skills to the test. The Gan Jin was a tribe that traditionally lived in the northern Earth Kingdom, and its members were known as Ganjinese.

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