the lighthouse 2016 vs 2019

But there are some worse, major puzzling moments too, which makes this among the worst Survivalist movies ever!! Was this review helpful? Religious nonsense certainly has a way of ruining everything!! I'm all for lonely atmospheric character based stories but despite a promising start this movie doesn't explore an interesting (though not very unique) story.

It's starts off quite good. Unfortunately, the man who believed in nature dies from a freak accident (or did god strike him down?). It basically portrays them going crazy due to months of isolation. It's not difficult to create drama with a two hander in a lighthouse but the director makes hard work of it. Yes it is about two lighthouse keepers stuck in a lighthouse 25 miles from land off the coast of Ireland. Was this review helpful? Talk about lose-lose propositions. Johansson seems livelier and more emotionally pliable than most of her roles allow her to be, and McKenzie fulfills the promise of “Leave No Trace” (2018), in which woods, not eaves, became her hideaway. I kept thinking,.. ok, when does it switch to B&W and do Willem Dafoe and Pattinson come to replace these two? The two characters are given no real backstory so the actors are left to create what comes across as unexplained moodiness, skulking, and foreboding music for the first half hour. Since it's shot in one room basically with two actors doing pretty much nothing, why were there 8 companies involved?

After watching The Lighthouse with Robert Pattinson and William Daffoe, this movie pales in comparison. Eggers’ Lighthouse was my favorite movie of 2019, but for some reason seeing this trailer and the similarities almost cheapens the whole experience. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Otherwise nature always wins. Or a mattress. Was this review helpful? With Mark Lewis Jones, Michael Jibson, Ian Virgo, Stephen McDade. Food runs low. Once he discovers, to his confusion, that she lacks a forked tongue and a tail, he quizzes her about Jews. Nor do any of Woolf’s characters strip bare and stand next to the lamp in the lighthouse, arms spread wide, bathing in the rays as if worshipping a luminescent god. “Now get your things together, kids, it’s time to burn some books!” she says.It doesn’t take long to spot the angle from which Waititi, who is half Maori and half Jewish, has chosen to approach his awkward theme. Trite lines are repeated, like "until the job is done" referring to inclement weather, and "we have a job to do", which doesn't come as a surprise for the persevering viewer. The Lighthouse (2019) trailer was mysterious, a time piece, unique looking, and eerie.But while researching The Lighthouse (2019) before its release, I noticed there was another movie with the same title, but from 2016.It even had a similar premise; two men, isolated on an island, lighthouse keepers, and they both descended into madness. Solid characters and performances, weaving and interesting story. “She’s like a female Jewish Jesse Owens,” he exclaims.And so this singular movie flicks back and forth between its contradictory moods. Atmosphere is everything in this film, the silence, then the quarrelling.

It sounds interesting and is based on a true story, but the execution here is horrible. Was this review helpful?

In terms of climate, if not on the map, we’re a long way from the sunlit lighthouse at Cape Elizabeth, Maine, that was repeatedly painted by Edward Hopper in the nineteen-twenties. THE LIGHTHOUSE is a cheap and boring drama that follows the mental disintegration of two lighthouse keepers affected by isolation and the rigours of their job.

But Pattinson, who is at his best when smooth and withdrawn, in films like “Cosmopolis” (2012), is encouraged here to stretch his wings, becoming a thing of rage, and his character starts to disgorge a load of backstory. The monster flick COLD SKIN is much, much more interesting. On the one hand, there is the growth of love and understanding between Elsa and Jojo; on the other hand, there is the defiance, or the near-desperation, with which Waititi flies the banner of farce. Was this review helpful? I'll be the first one to admit that I have never been stranded or isolated. Now streaming on: Powered by JustWatch. The film, however, is crammed with such oddities, and more.The director is Robert Eggers, whose previous work, “The film is largely a two-hander, with brief incursions from the animal kingdom, and from brutish dreams. I mean damn the synopsis is like exactly the same. But if I ever were isolated like that, I promise you that I would not start talking to a volleyball. The bible-thumper survives somehow (with the help of a god?) Good movie about isolation and cabin fever until the last 30 minutes of the guy moving around the other wickie's dead body. The Lighthouse 2019 vs The Lighthouse 2016 Discussion The Barstool podcast Lights, Camera, Barstool has repeatedly made jokes about how The Lighthouse film by Robert Eggers looked very similar to a low budget 2016 film by the same name. If you go to see “The Lighthouse” under the impression that it’s based on “To the Lighthouse,” prepare for a nasty shock. As he lurches and spills his cargo, we realize how impossible it is, on this accursed isle, to hold fast. 1 out of 2 found this helpful. This is a story about Nature vs. god - Nature wins. 5 out of 10 found this helpful. As Elsa, she barely smiles, except in wry amusement at everything that Jojo doesn’t know. 0 out of 1 found this helpful. With Robert Pattinson, Willem Dafoe, Valeriia Karaman, Logan Hawkes. It was a very enjoyable film and then the final 20-30 minutes killed it for me. Sluggish pace, repetitiveness and a dearth of incomprehensible sequences are simply too much for this film to withstand. Becomes stale and boring. Directed by Robert Eggers. The Lighthouse comes out in theaters on Oct. 18, and is currently screening at the London Film Festival. I think the atheist who favored nature was right; better to shoot yourself. Well presented with a magical relationship between them albeit belligerent at times.

Was this review helpful? It’s not just a film about two people on the edge of sanity, it uses sound design and filmmaking tools to push you there too. Like Eggers basically said, oh I can take this movie and do it better.Has anyone seen the 2016 film?

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