the making of the west peoples and cultures 6th edition pdf

The Transformation of the Roman Empire, 284–600 C.E.From Principate to Dominate in the Late Roman Empire, 284–395The Political Transformation and Division of the Roman EmpireThe Official Christianization of the Empire, 312–c.

)Chapter 7.

Title / Author Type Language Date / Edition Publication; 1. Industrialization and Social Ferment, 1830–1850Contrasting Views: The Effects of Industrialization Document 21.2 New Rules for the Middle Class: Sarah Stickney Ellis,Document 21.4 What Is the Proletariat?


Primary Source Analysis: A Roman Stoic Philosopher on the Capabilities of WomenContrasting Views: Christians in the Empire: Conspirators or Faithful Subjects? The Cold War and the Remaking of Europe, 1945–1960s New Superpowers: The United States and the Soviet Union Daily Life and Culture in the Shadow of Nuclear War Document 27.2 Truman and the Soviet Threat: National Security Council,Document 27.3 Throwing Off Colonialism: Ho Chi Minh,Document 27.4 The Psychology of Colonialism: Frantz Fanon, Document 27.5 Sources in Conversation: The Condition of Modern Women: Simone de Beauvoir,Chapter 28.

With the fifth edition, Bedford/St.

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Read online (or offline) with all the highlighting and notetaking tools you need to be successful in this course.Lynn Hunt; Thomas R. Martin; Barbara H. Rosenwein; Bonnie G. SmithNOTE: LaunchPad material that does not appear in the print book – including guided reading exercises, source feature quizzes, LearningCurve adaptive quizzes, summative quizzes, all of the documents from the companion reader – has been labeled on this table of contents as shown. We can help you integrate our rich content into your course management system.

Retail:$59.99 Retail:$40.99 The Great Depression and World War II, 1929–1945 Primary Source Analysis: A Family Copes with Unemployment Contrasting Views: Nazism and Hitler: For and AgainstDocument 26.1 Collectivizing Farming: Antonina Solovieva, Document 26.2 Socialist Nationalism: Joseph Goebbels,Document 26.3 Sources in Conversation: The Spanish Civil War: Document 26.4 Seeking a Diplomatic Solution: Neville Chamberlain,Document 26.5 The Final Solution: Sam Bankhalter and Hinda Kibort,Document 26.6 Atomic Catastrophe: Michihiko Hachiya,Chapter 27. This two-color Value Edition includes the full narrative and all maps and select images from the comprehensive text. Retail:$59.99

Document 15.2 Barbarians All: Michel de Montaigne, Document 15.6 Sources in Conversation: The Persecution of Witches: Chapter 16.

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