the tower tarot card

It often indicates a lack of job security or actual job loss.At the same time, it indicates that a stressful, highly emotional change is about to take place. It could be in the recent or distant past — either way, you must learn to move forward and leave it behind you, where it belongs.In the present position, it represents a longstanding conflict that’s about to come to its conclusion. The unpleasant truths you’ll soon face should serve as a catalyst for your emotional and spiritual awakening, which will prove to be crucially important to your well-being moving forward.The Tower in a love reading is rarely a positive sign, rather it signifies an unhealthy relationship primarily marked by conflict.It usually portends something unexpected and disastrous is about to happen, such as discovering your lover is having an affair with one of your closest friends or siblings. So long as you take on and survive these challenges gracefully, your immediate future promises to be bright.The Tower clearly isn’t the greatest card you could ever hope to find in a spread. Your job is stressful at the best of times and even more challenging now that events have taken a turn for the worse.However, should you fail (and remember, the Tower is the tarot card most representative of failure) and ultimately lose your job, remember that being out of one’s comfort zone often serves as inspiration to pursue avenues you likely wouldn’t follow otherwise. When one shows up in a reading, it is often expected that destruction, chaos, and sudden upheaval will follow. Most things do, at … In a reading, it can indicate that disruption and conflict are coming your way. The tower as an action card can show the light (due to the lightening hitting the tower card). It could be of a romantic nature, and if so, you need to step back and reevaluate the relationship in order to proceed in the right direction.As a future reading, the Tower indicates that the worst is behind you, but you still have a series of major challenges coming your way. Since lightning doesn’t usually break down stone walls, it is easy to imagine that this particular lightning strike is not just like any other…Just like the crumbling tower in the image, the meaning of the tower tarot card is usually negative, a sign of destruction and despair, a hint that something important to the Querent or to the particular aspect studied in the reading is about to break down.It could be anything, and context matters to understand where the danger lies. All the leaning towers have fallen. At it’s most negative, the Tower portends failure and bankruptcy, perhaps the result of repeated bad investments. Similarly, if you’ve been cheating on your partner, you’re about to get caught and forced to face the consequences of your infidelity.If you’re single, the Tower could infer that you’re feeling especially empty and lonely as a result of your relationship status and still suffering abandonment issues carried over from your last serious relationship.Career-wise, the Tower denotes working in a negative or hostile environment, or employment that is potentially dangerous, such as firefighter, underwater welder, or soldier. Usually, the tarot can provide either a means to prevent any tremendous catastrophe, or sheds some light on why this particular experience is meant to be, and what can be drawn or learned from that painful experience.The reversed tower tarot card meaning is just as ominous. As seen in the figure, the card portrays a lofty tower resting on the top of the mountain. But when the tower is reversed, it is a signal that this destruction has been delayed for some reason. Perhaps the markets will crash, or you’ll get audited by the IRS and discover you owe them far more money than you have at your disposal.You are feeling especially vulnerable to disease, and as such you need to do everything in your power to live as healthily as possible.

While some positive lessons can be drawn in retrospect, usually this is one of the most negative cards in the tarot deck.

In the last case, the figures falling therefrom are held to be Nimrod and his minister.

Even if you don’t necessarily feel compromised or ill at the moment, you would be well advised to schedule a full medical examination, including blood work and any X-Rays your doctor requires.When the Tower reversed appears in a spread it means a crisis looms in your immediate future, and that you won’t be able to avoid its manifestation regardless of how much effort you expend trying.This change might be painful, but ultimately it will be beneficial in that you will emerge from it all as a wiser, more self-reliant individual. Added together, 1 (the solar, divine energy) and 6 (associated with Venus and the power of love) make Number 7, the number of Neptune, which quite literally represents earth shaking psychic and spiritual insights.This is an act of divine love, meant to move you forward, not destroy you. Flames shoot out from the same windows the people trapped inside are desperately jumping from, vainly hoping to escape the turmoil and destruction within for the danger — and certain injury — that lies below.There are 22 separate flames in the illustration, which represent The lightening moves from left to right, a symbol of the subconscious mind merging with the conscious mind, together denoting a sudden, and unexpected, spiritual awakening.As a person the Tower denotes an iconoclast who is forever eager to disturb the status quo.

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