the untamed manhua

And while you wait, check out the following iterations of the story.I have not had a chance to personally vet this version of the story, but from my understanding it strays a bit from the other versions. It did some things I preferred compared to the novel, especially how it gives more space to a few characters that in the novel have a smaller role, especially the female characters.

MDZS amazes me in that I find within the shortest space of time I can go from laughing to crying. The fandom loves them both and with good reason.

It’s so complex I got lost in it and started to put people twice because they have like two to four names…OMG ahaha that must have been so confusing for you, I can’t blame you for getting lost!

I’m having a great time here!

I know exactly what you mean about being sad at the thought of never finding out about mdzs. It’s Be prepared for YouTube ads as well as in-show ice-cream ads featuring the characters themselves (this show is brought to you by Cornetto, so they’re going to hawk their sweet sweet wares at you during the show itself The biggest hurdle switching between anime and donghua seems to come with simple things like naming conventions and cultural customs. AHH I’ve been dying to read the novel after live action and I have only been able to find fanfics. multiple major character deaths, loss of parents, grief, effects of trauma, self-sacrificing for others in more than one way, eye horror, betrayal, gore, walking corpses, monsters etc, war, mention of incest, murder, mention of torture, portrayal of work/death camp-like setting, mention of rape, mentions of extreme poverty and homelessness, dubious consent, child death, presumed child death, corporal punishment, mutilation, dismemberment, explicit sex scenes, alcohol consumption, mention of parental abuse, ableistic language.I hope this post was useful to those of you who have been wanting to get in on this fandom because I know it can be hard to understand where to start with. I just have to find something other than MS Paint to make it bc it's super Complex lolThis is such a comprehensive and detailed post!
It has given me so much joy since I started it and it’s made me feel every possible human emotion.Thank you so much for explaining everything. This will be my next deep dive for the series, and from what I heard it’s the Like the manhua, there is no legal option in the English language market at this time, so I have no English language links to provide for you. i LOVED it and u did such a good job explaining everything GABS I’M SO HAPPY YOU LIKED IT aaaaaaaaaa ♥♥♥ ilysm thanks for always supporting me ilyOh! Also because there are lots of characters in this story, having the idea of how they look like in the animation version really helps when I read the novel one afterwards.

enjoy the novel! I absolutely love how you have lay everything out, and how you have made recommendations on the best way to start MDZS. I linked to the translation in the post… Or just google grandmaster of demonic cultivation exiled rebel and you’ll find it.i finally got to the live action (after hearing about it for the last year) during my time social distancing and i’m so into the story that i definitely want to read/see everything else! He becomes known as the founder of the Demonic Path as a result of this practice. I’m currently watching the Chinese series ‘The Untamed’ and I heard that there is a novel or manga and possibly and anime based on it. Current Novels. I hope so aghds)Anyway, when you get to it YES come to my DMs ahahah no need to be shy and I really will only enjoy your suffe- I MEAN your healthy obsession this is wonderrful! This marks the start of a thrilling yet hilarious journey of attacking monsters, solving mysteries, and raising children. I love all the things you listed the story has – I am already obsessed. But the fact is that this story has consumed my time and thoughts for more than a month, thanks to the different adaptations (and fanfiction), so much that I’ve been in a reading slump ever since and I don’t even care about forcing myself to get back to reading until I get it out of my system.It’s a fantasy story set in a world and a culture I knew nothing about (and still can’t claim to understand beyond what MDZS showed me), but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the page although the novel is 113 chapters long (and something that would probably be around 1k+ pages of a print book), and I honestly can’t say that many of the books I read were able to do the same.Also, all my friends who have spontaneously (after seeing me talk about it all day on twitter…….)
Complete Novels. It makes it so much easier for those of us coming to the part late.

Especially Yibo, who had the difficult task of portraying Lan Wangji, did such a … You can read it in its full length It currently has two seasons (or, one 23-episodes-long season) and it will be a while before the next one comes out, but now is a good point to start it. It was very confusing at first and since I’m not well-versed enough in the culture, it baffled me why these characters have at least two different names each.

– Honestly it doesn’t take me much!I had no idea where to begin so this is so very helpful. As a fellow obsessed fan of MDZS, you’ve wonderfully said everything I wish I could say in order to get people into this story!

We love Lan Wangji, too. ).There is so many great things about this post I don’t even know where to start. However, unlike the manhua, If you’ll notice, I’m only discussing four main versions. ♥ I am looking forward to more “book people” to get into it because it’s one of those things that I wouldn’t wish on myself to not have gotten into (does that sentence even make sense? There’s only one major change to the original series and that’s the ending (thanks to cutting and moving scenes in a slightly different order), so I would still suggest that even if you ever decide to only watch the original you still check out the last 5 minutes or so of the special edition!hey! Yumi 01/05/20 .

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