there was an old woman all skin and bones

There was an old woman all skin and bones oh oh ah oh she walked down by the old graveyard oh oh ah oh she saw the bones a laying around oh oh ah oh she went to her closit to get a broom oh oh ah oh she opened the closit and boo. My first year in public school was 1984, and this is one of the best memories of that time.Aww.

My music teacher in elementary school used to scare the crap out of us when she would play this.

Do music teachers still teach this song?I remember this song from 1997 there was an old lady all skin and bones oooo she lived down by the grave yard oooo one night she decided to take a walk oooo she went to the grave yard and saw the bones alaying on the ground oooo she went to the closet to get a broom oooo she opens the door then BOOomg we sang this song today! In fact, I find her to be quite attractive. This is song brings back great memories!

oh oh oh oh. Old Woman All Skin And Bone.

Thanks for the memory….I know that song, but it didn’t scare me at all.

I remember we did this exact same song in our gym every halloween at our elementry school.

im a 5th grader and the first time our music teacher (mrs.sousbee) sang this!

I remember we did this exact same song in our gym every halloween at our elementry school. There Was an Old Woman all Skin and Bone is a scary funny poem that kids have been singing in schoolyards for over 100 years.That picture reminded me of my great grandmother she was just like this before she died five years ago. My music teacher says it, and it’s really frightening!OH MY GOD! Jk lol.i agree with kutiethekiller and nightmares4545 i cant look at the pic.

There was an Old Woman All Skin and Bones – A Hallowe’en Song and Video popped up in my faceWhy is everybody so afraid of the pic?

Created in 2007 by ScaryForKids. I miss her! What a blast from the past!!!

;) ;)There was a really spooky version of this with a guy groaning the words while the wind was blowing in the background.

there was and old woman of skin and bones.

She thought she’d go to church one day To hear the preacher sing and pray. Great poem btwThe priest is killing her….priests are evil aren’t they?so she wasn’t dead, the priest killed her of fright, not intentionally i guess…The pic popped up and I nearly screamed coz I was in bedthis is so creepy when i saw the picture i quicckly scrolled down and continued reading the poem but then , SUDDENLY withought me doing it the the mouse scrolled up to the picture withought me doin it! D:i cant look at that picture, but this story was weirdthat was a great poem, but the picture scares me i can barley look at itCopyright © 2020. and the pictture BOOM! There was an old woman all skin and bone Who lived near the graveyard all alone.

Thanks for postingHere’s a great video I use with my kids…it’s called “Halloween Night” and I found it at the youtube site toddlerworldtv: I hope you enjoy it as much as my kids do!!

she went to the closet to get her broom. Songs & Rhymes I remember this song.

Absolutely gave me a prominent picture of a woman who was eyeless walking with her bare bony chest exposed and with a babushka on.

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oh oh oh oh. it sared me soooo much!

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