thick white clumpy discharge

Vaginosis symptoms begin with the peculiarities in smell of discharge.If you get an obnoxious smell from your thick white discharge, then do consult a doctor.Thick white jelly discharge occurs before ovulation. It can also indicate pregnancy.Vaginal discharge white and thick is seen during early pregnancy and continues for the first two trimesters.Ovulation is the release of an egg by one of the ovaries. Clumpy and White or Off-White. Although cervical polyps are usually benign, it pays to have them checked out as, in very rare cases, they could indicate an early phase of cervical cancer.Can be.

“About 1 in 4 women will have vaginal yeast overgrowth during pregnancy,” says Dr. Grossman. It is the time when a woman is most fertile. Discharge is the body’s way of keeping you safe from bacteria and germs. You may also notice excessive discharge after prolonged standing. It may also be thin and watery or thick and clumpy. ‘Thrush will give a white discharge plus your vulva or vagina will usually be incredibly itchy and then sore,’ Mr Currie says.Watch out for other symptoms such as swelling and redness down there, a burning sensation when you pee and pain during sex.Yeast infections can be cleared up with over-the-counter treatments that help to redress the pH balance of your vagina and restore bacteria harmony.

Dr. Heidi Fowler answered. It could be because of an STD or yeast infection.Milky gooey discharge is normal when accompanied with no smell. The consistency of white discharge during pregnancy keeps changing, and that change along with telltale signs show the stage of the menstrual cycle.White vaginal discharge is clear and stretchy during ovulation. One can wear liners, disposable panties or tampons to avoid feeling wet. thick, white vaginal discharge with no odor or with a mild odor Less common. As already mentioned, the thickness will vary depending on where you are in your cycle – or whether or not you’re pregnant (think milky white discharge can denote early pregnancy). ‘The result is the glands go into “overdrive” and can cause excessive discharge. During ovulation, the estrogen levels rise causing thick creamy discharge which is white.When you see stringy thick white discharge, then it is a sign that you may be ovulating.Thick milky white discharge is common during the third trimester. The clumped white discharge is because of shedding vaginal lining and dead bacterial cells.Normal thick white discharge is creamy and milky. A white, clumpy thick discharge indicates the woman may be experiencing a yeast infection. The blood during implantation bleeding might not leave the vagina.This blood later comes along pregnancy thick white discharge.Thus it is important that you consult a doctor to find out the reason.However, if you missed a period and white thick discharge occurs then it can be that you are pregnant.Thick white discharge right before the period is an early pregnancy symptom.All the above are the reason behind white discharge and late period but a negative pregnancy test conditions.It could also be that simultaneously the next egg is maturing.Vaginal discharge which is thick and white is a sign that you are pregnant. This could be a warning sign that you have cervical polyps – small tumours that grow on the cervix. ?Normal vaginal discharge is around a spoonful of white fluid. Causes of white clumpy discharge. ??? These workout leggings can absorb around two tampons worth – great for light days or back-up when exercising during peak flow.Keep these on for up to eight hours on light days and 4-6 hours during your heaviest flow.

A white clumpy discharge from the vagina is normally associated with a fungal infection.

Only an expert can make a precise diagnosis of the cause of thick white discharge.If white thick discharge with itching is something you are going through, then you need to consult a doctor.Similarly,  white thick discharge with cramps is a sign of ovulation. Thick white clumpy discharge is a sign of infection. Make sure you don’t get the extra absorbent tampons. Even before you get a positive PT you’ll have some cottage cheese discharge. The amount of discharge produced is determined largely by hormones – meaning, says Mr Currie, that it varies enormously between individuals, where you are in your monthly cycle and your chosen type of contraception.‘This occurs when the normal glandular cells of the cervix are more prominent on the outside of the cervix rather than being in the canal,’ says Mr Currie.

Changes in color, consistency, and odor of vaginal discharge are the signs of vaginal infections.

3/ If your thick white discharge is: pus-like. White chunky discharge may be abnormal and in most cases is due to a yeast infection. They ward off any harmful bacteria in vagina if any.Thick white clumpy discharge is a sign of infection. Candidiasis occurs when there’s an overgrowth of yeast in the vagina and it can also cause lumpy white stuff at the back of your throat (called oral thrush). Having a specialist check the cervix is also helpful, particularly if you have not had a recent smear test.’Also get yourself looked at if you’re experiencing any of Mr Currie’s Red Flag Signs. Tested on marathon runners.

‘An infection screen is usually the first port of call.

This can be done from swabs and/or urine tests. Thick, white discharge.

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