thunder titanium lights vs hollow lights

It wouldn’t be affordable anymore.In general, titanium is 45% lighter but still as strong as steel. Thunder Titanium Lights 147 5.375" Polished Skateboard Trucks. In any case, it’s always a mix of materials from the list below.The weight of a skateboard deck depends on the height and width on average a deck weight about 2-3 pounds. You get used to how your skateboard responds.

The board needs to stick to your feet when you pop.Being happy with your equipment matters. So what’s actually the lightest skateboard deck currently available?

The feedback from your skateboard when you ride the street, the sounds of your wheels when they spin or the feeling when you pop your deck.When you buy a new deck you usually have to get used to it and you miss your old deck. Tensor makes their trucks out of magnesium instead of a mix of steel like other trucks. Not a problem if you have the budget, but it adds up.Often people claim that lightweight hollow trucks are less durable. Most of them consist of top quality materials and I really wouldn’t worry about it. Thunder Lights Skateboard Trucks polished lights … At a certain skill level and any changes to your setup will take you some time to get used to. Cutting of weight of the trucks is a way to answer that demand.

Trucks can last a long time( if you buy the right ones) and really make a...Hey, thanks for dropping by! Attention Bowl Shredders!!! Not everyone skates the same, different styles need different trucks.The only way to find out which trucks are best for you is to try them out. Titanium lights 50 50 51 51 mm This topic is for discussing the height of Thunder's different trucks.

Thunder Polished Skateboard Trucks polished (143) $39.95 Compare. It’s perfectly normal.So what’s my point? Keep in mind that the wider your trucks are the more weight they have. After a few hours you are usually ok, and in a day or so you feel reborn. I started skateboarding 25 years ago and I'm out there whenever I can. Tensors are still the lightest I believe, although Thunder Hollow Lights aren't far behind. The lightest skateboard trucks are the Tensor Mag Light Lo weighing 9.3 oz (8″, 231 grams) followed closely by the Tensor Mag Light regular weighing 9.3oz (252 grams). 0 1 0. Your board will be more responsive when you do flips and pops.

Be careful here though, there’s also marketing involved.

So there you have, it the lightest trucks currently available. What sounds plausible is that the board pushes more against your feet when you catch it and responds faster when you flip it.Light trucks tend to make your skateboard react faster. This offers some advantages if you’re a technical skater. Login to reply the answers Post; Anonymous. Ultra-Light & Strong Titanium axles, aircraft grade hollow kingpins, Thunder Light forged baseplates and exclusive Quick Response Geometry. Keep in mind light trucks won’t make you a better skateboarder.Skateboarding tech evolves and people are always searching for ways to improve their skills, even if it’s just a placebo. Thunder Titanium Lights. Forget that last line, maybe I’ve just ruined your placebo effect (sorry).Sources: Manufacture websites, email inquiries and this I 'm an aged skateboarder, but I still shred responsibly. Some love the heavy Independent trucks, others are religious fans of Thunder trucks. If I invest in a new pair of trucks, it’s because I want … if your board hardly weighs anything, you won’t be able to pop an ollie. So there you have, it the lightest trucks currently available. Because of hollowing out some parts they are supposed to be more fragile and wear down sooner than regular trucks.

heavier skaters will surely break trucks more often than skinny people for one.I couldn’t find any evidence that they last longer or break more easily than regular solid trucks. Ace... Most of us don’t have the luxury to try out all trucks before you can find the right one. Titanium trucks are stronger than normal trucks and lighter than standard metal trucks. Thunder Lights Skateboard Trucks polished lights ii (151) $49.95 Compare. The titanium ones would probably stand more shots from a .22 lr before they were destroyed than the hollow ones. After a little under a month of use, they’re already almost as worn down as my Indies are after more than a year of abuse.

There are just so many factors that come into play, you could write a book about it.

The Thunder Hollow Lights were definitely quite a bit lighter than my clunky Indies.

The Thunder Hollow Lights Trucks rocked as far as maneuverability goes. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. « Last Edit: March 26, 2019, 06:04:58 AM by corto » Skateboard trucks are the heart and soul of your board and if there's one thing you shouldn't save money on, it's trucks. The weight of skateboard trucks will hardly matter how high you ollie and pop other tricks.

Thunder Hollow Lights Skateboard Trucks polished hollow lights ii (145) $56.95 Compare. I’ll try and update this post if I get a response.Durability entirely depends on your style. Turning is super smooth and quick and the support is solid. 0 0 …

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