tiffin allegro open road reviews

I would not hesitate to buy a later model. The living quarters are great, the extra space with the pass through bedroom into the bathroom makes it feel much larger than a 36 foot motorhome. Featuring a luxurious design, innovative technologies, reliable performance, and quality construction, this motorhome provides owners with what they’re looking for in a coach, and more. I can back that up as we’ve put about 20,000 miles on ours and it’s still holding up well.The quality is what sold us on our purchase. The quality is tops. Under coach storage extends up to 203 cubic feet and even includes pass through bins. These have great storage, wonderful living design and handle well. We have loved this RV during our ownership. It runs and handles great for the size and has plenty of interior space with the three slide outs. It is huge and convenient, but sucks up a lot of battery power.And although the bathroom is roomy, there’s actually a lot of wasted space. 2012 Tiffin Allegro Review. The design of this rig also allows for lots of storage compartments inside and out. And of course its a Tiffin! Now you will still hear the whining of the engine, get past that and your good. People have alot of pros and cons regarding a gas V10 engine. We originally started with a gas coach and am going back to it. One of the pros can be a con in a boondocking situation (camping without electrical, water and sewer hookups): the residential fridge. The biggest plus for this model is the second slide in the BR area along with the split bath design. I think it handles very well. We went back to gas as we don’t need the diesel pusher. I also wish this one had full body paint. The mountains and long steep climbs are harder. Storage space inside and out is massive. The 36LA has a fantastic floor layout, with 1 1/2 baths (one bathroom is accessible even with the slides in--a bonus while traveling.
Ridiculous, sha.e on Tiffin for implying they build quality or the dealership who to date are unable to repair any of these items and then some. My 34 TGA is a pleasure to drive. THIS UNIT, IN ITS CATEGORY AT PRICE POINT IS FAR SURBERB OVER OTHER MANUFACTURERS SUCH AS NEWMAR AND WINNABAGO. It drives like a dream and runs great. It’s your RV, rent it out on your terms.The American Dream: A Retro-Inspired Trailer With A Rowboat Roof15 Amazing Handmade RVs & Mobile Homes You Can Actually BuyThe De Markies: A Travel Travel That Triples In Size It’s a dream come true!And the ceiling fan in the bedroom actually does lower the temperature — it wasn’t just a “decorative” fan.Lastly, Tiffin RVs drive really well. I am proud to oun a Tiffin! But our Allegro was built on a longer chassis with a foil cushion, making for a pretty smooth drive. I didn't expect it to tow any better than it did, explains the 4 star rating. We have had it out twice for weekend excursions and it has functioned impressivly. Broken washer not spinning clothes. We have sacrificed other personal extras to make room in our budget for this coach and we have no regrets. When we bought our first RV, I nearly broke out in a full-body sweat because we had fallen in love with a model that was over our budget. The furniture is fantastic, with nice touches of class. Amazing! I totally loved this rv. We had to replace the electric flush mechanism for our master toilet. It’s got a big windshield, two slide outs and it comes in at 34 feet (which is a good size for camping at most state and national parks)!While it was a bit more money than we budgeted for, we feel like it was worth the investment.

Here’s the problem, the first time you test drive a motorhome: Instead of focusing of how the vehicle drives, you’re scared shitless about hitting things. This particular RV is as clean as they come & has been very well cared for. Like living in a small apt. You might wonder well the warranty at the dealer whom we bought this rig from prides themselves on Tiffin sales and service. When you call the manufacturer they actually help you, not put you off for the next person that answers the phone. But after traveling in it for over a year and a half, we still feel like we made a really good decision — and that the extra money really (By the way, if you’re in the market for an RV, be sure to go into as many as you can or even rent an RV or two so that you can get a feel for different floor plans. We receive many compliments on our Allegro Open Road. We've never taken this motorhome in the mountains, but we've had no problems towing a 3500 lb Chevy Equinox. My first one was a 36ft Phaeton and I loved it. Overall we think our Tiffin Allegro Open Road 32SA RV is the right choice for us, but there are a few quirks. I have owned 7 motorhomes over 35 years. Traveled mainly in Florida to the Keys and East coast of Florida and have found the king sized bed a plus for living on the road! When we decided to go full time we bought a 42ft diesel pusher by Tiffin. Because of the full paint job applied by Tiffin, our rig, in our opinion, was the shining star in every RV park we visited. There’s a lot to love about the Open Road Allegro. We have owned this 2016 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 36LA since September 2016. I towed a Mini Cooper, it weighed about 2500 pounds. It could be earning you money. IN MYOPINION, THE 34PA TIFFIN ALLEGRO OPEN ROAD IS THE BIGGEST BANG FOR THE BUCK!! The Tiffin Allegro Open Road 32CA. NOPE DEALER CAN'T REPAIR, IT DOES NOT KNOW HOW. The quality is tops. It is in excellent condition. Pats are easy to get and the Tiffin …
- very comfortable. I didn't use cruise in the mountains I had to slingshot the hills and "manage" the transmission and brakes. This unit is quality through and through. Tiffin is a great company and both the length and features that came with our coach are perfect for our travel style. Since the day we took delivery, 8/15, we have only had one problem!!! 2020 Tiffin Motorhomes Allegro Open Road RVs For Sale: 27 RVs - Find 2020 Tiffin Motorhomes Allegro Open Road RVs on RV Trader. Broken toilet flapper, broken leaking toilet. by Mike | Jun 9, 2012 | Tales from the Road.

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