tile over shower pan lip

Once the alcove is ready, the installer lays down a bed of thinset mortar and spreads it evenly over the subfloor. A framer that installs incorrectly did a poor job and should have to redo it.

Normally, you can't tile over standard polymer or fiberglass shower pans because they flex too much and will eventually crack the tile grout and possibly even the tile itself. My gap is ranging from 3/16 " to 1/2". Shower pans that are designed to accept tile are heavier and sturdier than a normal pan so that they can withstand the weight of most users without cracking the grout or tile. plywood and cover the exposed wood with backer board.Screw a support ledger to the shelf underside to support the lip tile.

It pays to rent or buy a “score and snap” tile cutter if you’re using 4 x 4-in. I'll try to go tomorrow and take a picture.No.

Use a piece of cedar shingle (or other piece of thin wood) to shim the transition between the lip of the base and the stud.

Anyway, is it correct that the first row of tiles is not perfectly vertical, but somehow angled? I'll check in on it today and report back.

It depends on the tolerances used in the initial wall framing. How to Prepare a Vinyl or Linoleum Floor for Ceramic Tile We are going to talk to him about it in person and ask all kinds of questions to make sure all is ok.If your walls are flat and straight before you start tiling you can get a beautiful tile job. The lip should be behind the cement board like the picture below.

My new fiberglass shower enclosure has a lip all around, with drilled holes to secure it to the studs. The shower tile will hang down over the lip to direct water into the base.

The Pros and Cons of Prefab vs Custom-Tiled Showers I don't think there will be any problems mechanically speaking.

The adhesive is applied with a notched trowel, and the tiles are laid in the standard fashion. The gap is to large to grout and to small for a piece of trim molding.

Bill, did you happen to see my thread "is my shower floor ruined"? I've been using my phone and I guess I missed my errors.FIrst off, there shouldn't be water issues any more than if it were flat. With the right type of shower pan, you can have an easy-to-install, virtually leakproof prefab pan and Remember Me?

The installers did not recommend nor offer to notch out the existing corner wood trim during installation?

Finish tiling the rest of the field tile above the bench, stopping at the shelf (Photo 13).Frame the shelf in your tile shower.

I furr the studs by ripping strips off the edge of a 2x4 to whatever thickness is needed. Rest the shelf on the field tile and screw it to the blocking behind the backer board with two 3-in. If your alcove is on an outside wall, glue 1-in.-thick foam insulation against the outside sheathing using special foam adhesive.Frame the bench with a 1/4-in. Study Figure A to make all of this clear. It makes so beautiful color combination inspired from …

Of course it is but that depends on how it is installed. •Re-install the top half of the drain and bolt down. Those strips go right on the exposed edges of the studs to furr the wall out a bit. If it's NOT sticking off the wall, then the only other probable explanation is that he brought the cement board down OVER the lip, Either or.

This bathroom originally had a 5-ft. tub, which we tore out and replaced with a 4-ft. shower base. Please HelpThanks for catching that, catbuilder - I was just looking for a pic of where the backerboard should be and didn't pay attention to the membrane.we have some kind of backerboard with a red water proofing agent painted on, then thinset, then the tile. I also wouldn't use that same tile guy again.
The problem with this job was that tile was installed without first making a plan on how to end the project.

How to Install Tile Backer Board on a Wood SubfloorHow to Install Marble Tile Floor: A Tumbled Stone Entryway 2) We discussed floating/leveling the ceiling. tiles like we show. Next, lay the tile on the template to decide on the heights, widths and depths of shower features like benches, alcoves and shelves.Try to wind up with full tiles outlining or covering those features whenever possible.

The shower pan is then set into the mortar and leveled, then it sits undisturbed for 24 hours. But modern tiling materials, especially spreadable waterproof membranes, can put these fears to rest. When the edges or grout line went into the stall it was 1.5 above the edge where tile goes or the bottom of where the tile should have been and they cut 1.5" pieces to fill this gap of the wall at the bottom to keep the line straight, running across wall and into the shower.
When the thin-set is still fresh, you can even out rows just by pushing a level against several tiles at once (Photo 12).

The gap to the ceiling will be grouted.

But if you have rudimentary framing skills, and have successfully tiled floors, backsplashes or simple shower surrounds, the advanced techniques we show here will enable you to move on to a shower tiling project like this.How to tile a shower like we show here will take you about four full days. Look carefully for grout that works its way out between the tiles and wipe it off with a damp rag; it’s tough to scrape off after it sets.Begin setting the field (wall) tile following your layout lines.

If you’re left with a gap at the other end, cut the mosaic into strips and slightly expand the grout lines between rows (Photo 10). I even quoted industry specs from the Marble Institute of America page 6 Joints at Materials Transitions.

taping knife. This left a 1-ft. space for the bench and the overhead shelf at the end of the shower.The key to an exceptional how to tile a shower tiling job is to plan the shower with the actual tile you intend to use. That would bring it out past the flange. narrower than the opening so you can tip it into place. It's also tricky due to a beveled-skylight region, the edge of which you can see in my original picture.

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