toyota coaster km per litre

The new MAN RR8 IC 19.290 E5 has been designed for the school run, but has been built with a luxury coach feel. The Toyota coaster bus is also called Hino Liasse2 in some parts of the world. The door step were also lengthened by 65 mm (2.6 in) for easier entry and exit. More about them later.The Coaster has been on the road in Australia in one form or another for nearly 40 years, and in that time has sold more than 20,000 units. Toyota Coaster MPG 4 Toyota Coasters have provided 25 thousand miles of real world fuel economy & MPG data. Down the aisle: looks can be deceptive because there’s plenty of headroom. Mind you, that 10,000 kilometre service interval seems a bit on the low side in this day and age.We took the Coaster to one of its natural habitats – the airport – then onto the freeway and back to base via some urban arterial roads in Sydney.Beside the driver is Toyota’s trusty 4 cylinder, 4 litre turbo diesel which puts out 150hp (110kW) and 400Nm of torque at 1800rpm.That looks very modest on paper but the little bus drives really well, with good acceleration off the mark and it easily keeps up with the traffic.On the freeway our unit "coasted" (get the pun?) All Rights Reserved.Down the aisle: looks can be deceptive because there’s plenty of headroom. Knowing the average MPG or Litres per 100 kms would help me decide which way to go and help with planning our trip.Thanks ! Easy and safe access for the driver The database includes passenger cars and four-wheel drives, and light commercial vehicles up to 2.7 tonnes gross vehicle mass. The amount of fuel used per unit distance. Copyright © 2020 Bauer Trader Media. Luckily there is a small window in easy reach for unfamiliar drivers.I couldn’t find the slide-out cup holders either but they are there somewhere.Last but not least for buyers, this little bus is no doubt a great investment but the recommended retail price does seem a bit on the dear side.That’s especially when compared with Chinese competitors; and when compared with smaller van-based minibuses from Europe and even Toyota’s own Hiace-based "Commuter", which boast electronic safety technology. It’s $360, which seems like a good deal. EXCLUSIVE: Brand fans have long awaited news of when leading European e-bus tech might start to seep into Australasian market waters. Early models used the 2.0-liter Toyota R engine with a 4-speed manual transmission.With its engine rated at 98 PS (72 kW), a RU19 Coaster could attain a top speed of 110 km/h (68 mph). The seats are comfortable and now safer with three-point beltsComfortable behind the wheel: ABC videographer Barry Ashenhurst Four speed auto transmission: note the handy little overdrive button on the handleReliable and quiet: the Coaster’s 4 cylinder, 4 litre engine beside the driver’s seat, which is not height adjustableReliable little bus for nearly 40 years: the trusty Toyota Coaster All gearboxes were henceforth floor shifted. It looks a bit old-fashioned but clearly gets the job done well.Last year the venerable model had an upgrade. Meanwhile the pillar over your right shoulder is in a nuisance position, which means if you want to double-check there is no one in your blind spot, you either have to lean right forward or lean right back to look down.It was hard to tell if the exhaust brake was actually working, but on the other hand there were no hills involved in our drive and we had no weight on board, the only other occupant being ABC videographer Barry Ashenhurst (who also had a stint behind the wheel and was also very impressed overall).There is no height adjustment on the driver’s seat, and I personally felt a bit low; so a really short person might feel like that funny little graffiti man you sometimes see around, with just his or her hands and nose visible above the steering wheel.I must admit I didn’t try very hard but I couldn’t work out how to work the factory air conditioning properly, which was a bit of an issue when we fogged up in the rain a few times. The 5R petrol engine was also dropped. I drive a Toyota Camry, and love it.It’s got the room of a Falcon or Commodore, but the fuel efficiency which comes with a four-cylinder engine and it’s a pleasure to drive, albeit with less power for overtaking.My Camry has done nearly 100,000 kilometres, and absolutely nothing has gone wrong with it  – except for the time a son backed it into a carport pole.Same with my parents’ Toyota Corolla from the early 80s – it did a stack of miles in both country and city, and the only thing that ever failed was a clutch spring.So it comes as no surprise to this reviewer to hear the anecdotal reports of the great reliability of the Toyota Coaster.And it’s no surprise on driving it to experience the good performance of the 4 litre diesel engine, along with the comfort, ride and handling.The only surprise with the Coaster is that after all these years on the Australian market, there appear to be still a few minor downsides. The RB10 had the same 5R petrol engine as before but RB11 a 2,189 cc (2.2 L) In November 1979, column shift gearbox selection was dropped. The windshield was widened for increased outward visibility. There is no suspension seat for the driver, but running over lots of speed humps, a few potholes and even a railway line was no problem for the old spine.The steering and handling in the wet was good and the brakes do a good job, with ventilated discs at the front and drums on the rear. Many coasters are equipped with a single doors but Toyota coaster is equipped with two doors. When you press it in with your thumb in top gear the gearbox kicks back, just like in the old VL Commodores. It now had a wraparound front windscreen and thicker rear pillars. along nicely at the speed-limited 100 kilometres an hour on 2300rpm, and didn’t sound or feel like it was working hard at all.The engine ticks over nicely and is relatively quiet.

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