tracker boat trailer ball size

"Class III" is a term thrown around a lot. "Class III" is a term thrown around a lot. You'll see both ratings clearly displayed on a label stuck to the cross tube of any hitch, usually positioned near the receiver tube.What's beyond Class III? These come in three sizes — 17⁄8, 2 and 25⁄16 inches — to match the coupler size on the boat trailer. Tracker makes boats that range from 10 foot long to well over 20 feet long. The bottom line is that OE Class III receivers will work fine for the great majority of trailer-boaters pulling loads up to 5,000 pounds. It could be either.Be advised that while a 1-7/8 coupler won't go on a 2" ball, a 2" coupler won't *STAY* on a 1-7/8 ball.Ask the owner for the ball size, as mentioned before.

Finally, even the attachment hardware — the nuts, bolts, and washers — are larger and of higher strength.Industry insiders distinguish between OE (original equipment) towing packages and AM (aftermarket) hitches. Shop Bass Pro Shops online or in store for boat trailer parts & boat trailer accessories. A typical Class III hitch slides into a two-inch receiver. The main advantage of factory towing-package options, which typically come with full-size trucks but also for many SUVs, is that the factory package includes much more than the hitch and the trailer wiring connector. Main Menu Community.

Do the homework and examine the components. Technically, it's a classification used in the towing industry to identify towing equipment — hitches and such related items as ball mounts, hitch balls, trailer couplers, and safety chains that make up the towing connection between vehicle and trailer — that are rated to handle loads of 5,000 pounds or more. In theory, this should make towing safer, because the tightened standards will likely be more accurate for most tow vehicles and lower their tow ratings somewhat. They also use very large cross tubes and employ cast-steel reinforcement brackets and reinforcement rings around the outside of the receiver tube. The bottom line on factory tow packages?

For example, many Class IV Heavy Duty receivers are rated at 6,000/600 WC, and some even up to 8,000/800 WC, depending on the application. Comment. Class IV aftermarket hitches fit the bill when a higher capacity is needed, and more options and accessories are available at aftermarket towing dealerships than are usually available at new-car dealerships.

For example, try to buy a standard 2-inch-drop ball mount at a car dealership.

The towed load is termed Gross Trailer Weight (GTW). There's more.

If you're getting an aftermarket hitch installed, find out if you need to add the harness as well.Factory packages aren't perfect; the manufacturer makes a judgment call on what most owners will want to tow with the vehicle, then chooses a hitch and wiring package accordingly. The entire assembly is robotically welded for consistency and for high weld penetration. The carrying capacity of the boat trailer is 6,425 pounds and the actual weight of the trailer is 900 pounds.

Commonly used hitch ball sizes (diameters) are: 1-7/8″, 2″, and 2-5/16″.

Post Cancel. This boat trailer is built for boats from 24 to 25 feet in length. does anyone know what ball size should go with a pro 16 bass tracker trailer?Yeah if you can't find out for sure ahead of time, just get both.

just call and ask.

Don't mix sizes: A ball that's too big won't let you close the coupler latch; a ball that's too small can allow the trailer to come loose while you're on the road. So this article will focus on the WC ratings. The trailer tongue should have the proper ball size etched into it near the locking mechanism, and the ball will be marked on top as well. It developed a new standard, coded J2807, that tightens the recommendations for determining a vehicle's Gross Combined Weight Rating, which includes trailer towing.

If it is a normal boat and not a little jon boat, it is most likely a 2" ball. Submitted by Chris Appleton On Saturday, February 8, 2014 - 18:25. Buying another draw bar will cost more than that.

If you're using a bumper mounted ball, there's little you can do in terms of "drop". How to tow your boat using heavy-duty equipment rated to handle significant loads.With boat sales on the mend and fuel prices dropping, car and truck manufacturers are showing interest in improving towing performance, so it's a good time to take a sharp look at what heavy-duty towing is offering.

Source(s): buying boat size trailer ball trailer: https://tr.im/OsfqV. Class IV and V, of course. Forums.

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