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I am a perfectionist, and I often get hung up in the details of making something “perfect”, with the end result that it never gets done or out there. In fact, one of my greatest inspirations in the midst of my own personal hard times has been a quote by Roosevelt, about But instead, we should follow Roosevelt’s example, and consider the research from Carol S. Dweck, author of Holiday isn’t advocating a “doom and gloom” mentality, but rather the idea of thinking ahead of time about the potential failures your plan/venture While we can overcome obstacles in many areas of life, some limitations we must accept. Instead of reacting emotionally to failure, use what you learned to make your next attempt that much more likely to succeed.I feel like this is one of those categories that is far easier said than done, when you’re just getting started and experiencing the sting of failure. Life will always throw bleak situations at you. And while his “lost” years in incarceration were certainly unfair, they would have been lost regardless of how he reacted to them. )Holiday advises us to do our best in every aspect of our lives. What stands in the way becomes the way." Given the unfortunate social situation of the time, he couldn’t afford to show off, celebrate, or even to react negatively as his white counterparts could. I'm not a scholar or classicist by any means; rather, I'm an overworked corporate schlep who had a personal epiphany on the way to work one morning and is now plotting a wrist tattoo to keep her resolve. He says:So much of our stress in life comes from the interpretations we put upon neutral events. He committed himself fully to his goal, and altered his habits to support his efforts. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. I think so many of us bow to what we think we’re “meant” or “allowed” or “have the genetics” to be… instead of challenging the fates to create what we really want. I would assume the ability to decipher which is the appropriate action for a given situation comes in time and with practice.I love the example Holiday gives of Arthur Ashe, a black tennis player in the 1950s and 1960s.
And that, too, is okay… it is a chance for us to practice virtues such as acceptance and perseverance. Holiday argues that what’s important is pragmatism — getting the job done.

This summary is aimed for those who want to capture the gist of the book but don't have the current time to devour all 201 pages. He called it, “physically loose and mentally tight.”His learned ability to control his emotions allowed him to reach for more daring shots and risky plays, because the emotions (fear, nervousness, etc) that popped up in those moments were no match for his (well exercised) mental authority.Holiday gives the examples of using time stuck in bed recovering to finally start writing your novel, or using the unexpected time gained from losing a job/relationship to travel. EMAIL. Photo: the_tahoe_guy. I will read this book at least once a year. But you know who else was a total badass? Long … It's only a couple letters longer than the original suggestion - not much extra needle pain, thank goodness!What do you make of the original suggestion, "Ex impedimento via" which I understand to be something like "by means of the impediment, (comes) the path"?

Had he allowed his circumstances to define and entrap him, he would not have earned his freedom. We can always choose to find the way around.Thomas Jefferson did not compare to his counterparts in oratory, and rather than throwing good energy after something that wasn’t going to work for him, he instead accepted his limitations and found another way – making himself exceptional in his writing. Roosevelt saw life as an arena and himself as a gladiator, and he believed in actively building his strength, resilience, and fearlessness, so he would be ready for anything. (This blog is a big leap of faith in that area!) The Obstacle is the Way decants in concentrated form the timeless techniques for self-mastery as employed to world-conquering effect by philosophers and men of action from Alexander the Great to Marcus Aurelius to Steve Jobs.

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