turn a shed into a children's den

Some before and after sheds and a shed turned into a man cave: If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Photo By: Dominic Bonuccelli/Modern-Shed

Photo By: Kristen Whitby/EllaClaireInspired.com/The Home Depot

It's incredibly easy and is a lot of fun when you're making it AND when you're finished! Today, sheds are more likely to have Wi-Fi access than a wheelbarrow. Keep it simple by connecting to your existing plumbing or by choosing a spot that a garden hose can reach.

Roll out the red carpet (read: lay down a red area rug), stagger old loveseats and chairs to create rows and add a projector overhead. Chicken Wire – Be sure to get a good sturdy wire that will keep your chickens in and predators out. Photo By: Danielle Driscoll/Finding Silver Pennies/The Home Depot

Web designer Marco Morelli used corrugated steel panels, block siding and clerestory windows to create this dream space that has plenty of natural light and views of his vegetable garden.Bring on the bocce ball tournaments! Cover one wall with mirrors, lay down rubber gym mats and add a large shelving unit to organize equipment. Hang fresh lavender from the ceiling and your shed will smell divine.

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Create the perfect poker shed by outfitting it with a card table, comfy chairs and even a wildly patterned rug for the full effect.

How to Turn Your Shed into the Perfect Den: For Big Kids Step 1: Connect the Shed with Electricity Safely. Go for some loose covers that can easily be washed or wiped clean, because we all know how mucky youngsters can be!All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. Depending on your budget, consider investing in a flat-screen television as well as a proper surround sound speaker system to go with it. 35 Amazing Shed Makeover Ideas You'll Want to StealWish your home had more space for an office, art studio or gym?

Whether the walls are made of rock or blown-polyurethane, Walsh recommends using adhesive, mechanical fusing and plasterboard for proper insulation. Keep the space as simple as possible, with no more than a tatami floor mat, sunken stove, ceramic bowls and a painted hanging scroll.A brand new outdoor playhouse could cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000.

Line the interior with pine or cedar boards (which won't rot when exposed to moisture), insulate the walls and install a vent.

Photo By: Gold Peak

So now you have a clean space to work with, all hooked up and ready to be claimed as your man cave, reading room, craft space, etc. 5 Easy & Cheap Ways To Turn Shed Into Another Room. Finance Services Register no.470325.

Be sure to include a few benches, so everyone has a spot to lace up their skates or sneakers.Make the whole family feel like VIPs by inviting them to a screening in your very own indoor theater.

To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. However, when the children come along there are a number of other priorities to think about. It would be ideal to find a chair that also serves as a stepladder in order to have easy access to shelves as well. Photo By: Chinasa Cooper ou'd definitely be the coolest parent on the block if you converted your shed into an arcade. AIs there anything more magical than that scene in Sofia Coppola's Whether you're penning your memoir, writing a novel or drafting web pages, find the peace and quiet you need in a writing retreat. Be sure to consult a licensed HVAC professional to ensure the space is properly ventilated.Why squeeze your workbench, bike and tools in a corner of the garage when you could set up your own workshop instead? Childs Playhouse. All Rights Reserved

If there is enough room, install a portable bar or fridge.
utfit the space with a cushioned bench, rattan baskets for towels and a cooler for chilled drinks.

Her project was designed to be a space that would spark creativity, but you can play on the idea by putting in a bistro table and matching chairs.Alternatively, fashion your shed into a traditional Japanese tea house. With a little creativity, you can turn a simple shed into the ultimate bonus room. brought the beach to her backyard with a cottage-style retreat complete with rattan furniture and coastal decor.

But most importantly, don't forget the snacks!Find bliss in your own backyard by transforming your storage shed into an at-home spa. Photo By: Molly Bender; www.mollyjeanstudio.com Photo By: Hilton & Hyland, a member of Luxury Portfolio International ; Plastic Chicken Waterer – This one works great if your weather is mild.

Pyro is a popular alternative for many homeowners who have gardens as the pyro can be mounted on a surface, preferably on a surface as high as a garden wall or perimeter fence. Photo By: Katie Grant Photography

After successfully transforming your shed and you are proud of the way you’ve decorated and accessorised it, the last thing to do will be to determine how to secure it. Entertain the idea (and the kids for hours on end) by snagging a few secondhand pinball machines and/or a ping pong table.

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