types of bolts and nuts

A carriage bolt is shown in the figure.The hook bolt, shown Fig. However, the tendency of unscrewing is reduced if the threads of the nut and bolt are of the good fit.The positive methods of locking make use of a split pin, or a screw, or a lock plate, or a tab washer to lock the nut. The neck of this bolt is usually square in section to prevent rotation of the bolt A T-bolt is shown in the figure.This form of a bolt is used where the head of the bolt must not project above the surface of the connection piece.It may be provided with a snack or a neck to prevent rotation of the bolt.
This type of locking is employed when the nut is expected to remain without any adjustment for a long time.That is it, thanks for reading. Zinc - Most common, low cost, resists corrosion and rust. Square-headed bolt These classifications all play a role in the final selection of a bolt type … is used in conjunction with a square-headed bolt. This prevents the slackening of the nut.A single coiled spring washer will be sufficient for light classes of work. Hammers and Types The figure showed the assembly of the locking of a nut by the lock plate. Hammer is a very useful tool. Since the nut is held tight within the grooves of the lock plate, the nut is prevented from slackening.A washer provided with a rectangular projection is called the tab washer. Nuts are usually in the form of hexagonal or square prisms. Theoretically, the lower nut which is a lock nut may be the thin nut as shown fig. The finish or plating on a metal bolt or nut affects its look and durability. Carriage bolts : Carriage bolts feature a domed or countersunk head with a square underside that prevents turning post-installation. This bolt is commonly This type of bolt is used where projecting corners are unacceptable, and where the space for arranging the bolt-head is relatively limited.

Cap nuts commonly used in smoke-boxes locomotives.This nut is cylindrical in shape and has holes drilled in the curved surface for turning it with a tommy bar. This bolt is commonly used in big ends of connectors, eccentrics, etc.This bolt is used when projecting are undesirable and where better appearance is required. The other equally important objection is that after continuous use swing to the stretch of the bolt the split pin may not rest on the top face of the nut which may reduce the locking effect.A hexagonal nut provided with a cylindrical grooved collar at its the lower end is called Penn to ring or grooved nut.

Besides these, the cylindrical and other form is used in a particular requirement.This is the most common form of nut used for the general fastening purpose in conjunction with a hexagonal-headed bolt.

consist of a plain piece of cylindrical steel which is screwed at both ends. They are ... Flange bolts : Flange bolts are a … This virtually makes the upper nut to take up all to load, While the lower nut to function simply as a washer since there will not be any contact between the threads of the bolt and the lower nut.Now the upper nut is held by a spanner While the lower nut is pull in the opposite direction. The various locking devices for nuts are classified into positive and friction types. The Some of the most commonly used bolts are illustrated below:To prevent rotation of the bolt while screwing the nut on or off, the bolt-head is held by another spanner. such cases sometimes two nuts of equal thickness are used as shown in Fig.In this method of locking a coiled spring, the washer is placed underneath the nut as shown in Fig. Initially, the nut is tightened and then the lock plate is inserted through the nut.The plate is grooved in such a way that the grooves in the plate receive the hexagonal corners of the nut at every 30° rotation. The nut-end is threaded for a length slightly more than the thickness of a nut or nuts to be used.The other end called the metal end.

Cup … So the hook bolt is used for attaching shaft hangers to the flanges of joists and girders.This type of bolt is used in attaching parts to brick, stone or concrete walls and floors hee bolt has an internally threaded split sleeve which is slipped into a hole made in the wall and then expanded by running in the screw. Bolts belong to the family of threaded fasteners and are paired with a threaded nut when in use, usually to join two or more components together. It is usually provided with a sung forged on the shank just below the head, as shown in the figure. is very commonly used for lifting purpose. This prevents rotation of the bolt. is used in semi-permanent fastening in concrete.This is also used in cases where there is no room for a bolt hole through one of the pieces to be connected, or in cases where a bolt hole would seriously weaken a piece. The plate is fixed to the bearing surface by a tap bolt screwed into it. In this article, we will discuss about how does welding works? In this article, we are explaining about the shaper machine and types of shaper machines. This cause the lower flanks of threads of the lower nut to come in contact with the upper flanks of the threads of the bolt causing a wedging action between them.This makes the lower nut to act as a lock nut. Bolts and nuts can be made of various materials such as steel, titanium or plastic. This method of locking is possible if the bolt hole is close to the nearest vertical edge as in the case of the marine engine connecting rods.When the bolt hole is not close to the vertical edge of the workpiece, this nut is used in conjunction with a separate collar as shown in the figure. To prevent this, some means of locking the nut from unscrewing is necessary. Locking of the nut is done by a set screw screwed through the nearest face of the workpiece.The projecting dog-end of the set-screw enters the groove in the cylindrical portion of the nut and prevents the slackening of the nut. Please enter in your email address in the following format: you@domain.com Use of this site is subject to certain Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Hexagonal-headed bolt

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