vastu plants inside house

So it is a yes for some plants while some plants are better grown outdoors to maintain serenity and tranquillity inside the house. Avoid growing bonsai plant in the house. Vastu suggests that creepers be grown outside the house and not be placed indoors.

Creepers and small plants should be trimmed and checked for overgrowth.15. If you are interested in rock garden while landscaping, place it in the southwest direction.19. So place plants accordingly and see how the benefits of Vastu help in spreading joie de vivre in your life. The science of Vastu Shastra is applicable to the plants you grow in your home as well. Tending and nurturing the plants acts as a stress buster. So they say that placing cactus inside the house means loneliness, scarcity of water and in general scarcity of abundance and increase in negativity.But even rose is a thorny plant. Even fruit plants must be planted in the east direction. So place it where there is adequate sunlight and see to it that the water never dries.1. Plants and trees must be chosen with care and planted in proper direction in order to draw good results. So but naturally, cactus wouldn’t suit any of the places inside the house. Keeping it in the bedroom can improve your sleeping schedules and helps in keeping nightmares at bay. Moreover, it looks natural and exotic!

It is said that if the air flowing through the neem leaves enters the master bedroom, it brings good health to the family. According to Vastu, this plant is an epitome of love, harmony, and peace. 5. You can simply say that, it causes a lot of inconvenience.And usually what does a cactus signify? Flower Pots and decorative plants can be placed in the north, east or north-east direction on the ground, with their growth less than 3 feet in height.6. One solution is to place an Ashoka sapling in between the thorny plants. This plant should be placed in the southwest region of the home.8. Those who believe in vastu follow the tips to decorate their house accordingly. According to Vastu there are some specific plants which are considered auspicious for homes must be only planted with Vastu compliant direction to get the maximum benefit. Cactus should not be planted at all.

It promotes harmony in love and romance. And also bamboo needs proper sunlight for its growth. 3.

It helps to calm the inner mind and helps us relax and unwind. 15. 7. Be it health, wealth, prosperity or good fortune. Even plants bearing red flowers should be avoided indoors. Stalks of bamboo, popularly known as Even Feng-Shui advocates and propagates the use of Bamboo stalks both at home and in offices.

Jade Plant. Money plants are also known to bring wealth and abundance to the house. However, if you believe in vastu, then here are few tips to keep indoor plants in the right direction to bring prosperity, happiness, wealth and good luck in the family. Enjoy your life and stay blessed amidst nature!Rental Cars: The Safest Travelling Option Amidst Unsafe TimesThe Importance of Bet-Sizing in a Game of Online PokerFreeroll Online Poker Skill Games: A Wise Start to a Thriving Poker CareerEnjoy Healthy Competition & Legit Winnings with Online Rummy Cash Games So place it right near an open window.Known as the plant, of wealth, health, and prosperity, the lucky bamboo plant is one of the luckiest and auspicious plants to be kept at home. You might be surprised to know but there are some Money plant is considered one of the best fortune bringing plants to be placed at home.

11 plants as per Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra that bring good and bad luck in your house. Add to the woes of modern world, houses are mere concrete jungles. According to Vastu, placing the Money plant in the south-east direction of the living room or hall is extremely beneficial. Cascading or crawling indoor plants, reduce imbalance or protruding or sharp columns, corners or pillars.3. And this plant is known to be the buddha’s hand is considered so lucky to be kept at home. 1. Vastu expert Ashna Ddhannak, holistic life coach and managing director of Enlightening Lifestyle, believes plants play an important role as they energize our surroundings. Also, a natural air purifier, it provides adequate oxygen and its green leaves are useful to cure stress and anxiety. Instead, grow money plant as it is a lucky indoor plant as per vastu. Wood and fire represent the perfect balance no matter where the plant is placed. Similarly citrus fruits like lemon have also thorns in them.

Southeast is the direction of money and wealth.

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