vegetable suet vs shortening

Reply Thu 15 Jan, 2004 01:47 pm Vegetable shortening does not have water. It does not need to be refrigerated. Unfortunately we would not particularly recommend using the shredded suet sold in boxes (this is the type normally used for … Come share your stories! But you can't Switch it up!! There are all sorts of shortening products because “shortening” is just a general marketing term. Suet in its raw form should be avoided. It could be you! They can’t allow people to eat ‘dangerous artery clogging saturated fats’ and they can’t recommend their erstwhile darlings (now their demons) the partially-hydrogenated vegetable fats.

And nonsense, by the way, that led these bands of crusading think-they-know-it-all do-gooders (read: Committee for Science in the Public Interest and the PETA-backed Physicians for Responsible Medicine) to pressure the powers that be to remove beef tallow, lard, and butter from commercially prepared foods and replace them with ‘healthy’ partially hydrogenated vegetable fats in the first place. It's often made from the same source as cooking oils, like soybeans or cottonseed oil.

You want tiny lumps of fat in the dough, that's the point.How do you think about the answers? I don't like all the acid in many fruits.You can use any fat that has a solid structure. Shortening can be found in stores in a tub or measured in sticks and can be either white or yellow. In New Zealand, suet is no longer sold in supermarkets and is impossible to find a butcher (mostly chains) that has it. Beef suet has more saturated fat which may be harder to digest.

If you can't find suet then we have found that grated vegetable shortening (such as Trex, Crisco or Copha) is a good substitute. It is 100% fat. But which is better for them - lard or vegetable shortening…
Guest Author - Lisa Shea.

What is a good substitute for suet to use in Christmas pudding, steak and kidney pudding etc? A friend reported bluebirds in her area preferred Crisco-based suets. Vegetable shortening is often made from palm oil, which many strict vegans don’t consider vegan.
I am a pretty healthy eater, and I would like to make turkey, soy and vegetable tamales from scratch. The word “shortening” actually refers to all fat and oils, but is most commonly associated with Crisco and other vegetable oil products. Vegetable suet is a non-meat (vegetarian) version of beef suet. ): All work in suet recipes, as long as you adjust the dry ingredients (e.g., flour) to keep the texture crumbly. Vegetarian suet has also become popular and is made from a vegetable oil instead. Vegetarian suet has also become popular and is made from a vegetable oil instead.If you can't find suet then we have found that grated vegetable shortening (such as Trex, Crisco or Copha) is a good substitute. Vegetable Shortening vs Vegetable Suet.

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Get your answers by asking now. JL Peterson found bluebirds preferred recipes made with suet. It’s utter, knee-jerk, nonsense. Woodpeckers and nuthatches find these quite tasty. Woodpeckers and nuthatches find these quite tasty. Vegetable shortening has a longer shelf life. Hi. However the pastry may not be quite as flaky as butter contains some water which slightly changes the texture of the cooked pastry, though the flavour will be very good. Before using the grated shortening chill it for another 10-15 minutes in the freezer.

Do you have any funny or interesting bird stories? But which is better for them - lard or vegetable shortening?Subscribe for free weekly updates from this Birding site. You may also substitute vegetable shortening, which has a similar melting point: the flavor and texture of a pudding will not be quite the … Popularity of the product increased during the 'mad cow disease' crisis in the UK. Please read more about What birds are in your back yard? To make shortening, oils like soybean, cottonseed or palm are hydrogenated (read: a scientist adds the chemical hydrogen) so they stay semisolid at room temperature.

For Christmas baking inspiration try Nigella's

The main source of vegetable shortening is cottonseed, palm oil, or hydrogenated soybean. Vegetable suet can be substituted in any recipe that calls for regular suet but of course will provide a different flavor. Usefully the packages sold are ambient/shelf-stable so have a reasonable lifespan. Vegetarian suet vs Vegetable shortening vs Lard? If you want one that uses Vegetable Shortening use that! Copyright (c) Minerva Webworks LLC All Rights Reserved The vegetable shortening helps to make the pastry light and flaky. !altough trans fats are not healthy either you will be fine to eat them on occasion - it's just when you eat these things on a regular basis that there are health implications so i'd go with the vegetarian suet option.If you want a recipe that uses Vegetable Oil use that recipe! Procter and Gamble introduced shortening in 1911; it was advertised as Crisco. You could also use all butter instead of the combination of butter and shortening. I prefer to use suet as I believe it is more natural and as I have bought suet to use in your Christmas Pudding I may as well use it in the mince pie pastry.If you are not keen on using vegetable shortening then you can use lard as an alternative. To grate the shortening … Many birds love suet: lard and vegetable shortening treats. ?I'm actually allergic to pig in particular, and in many instances beef and other meats do not mix well with my digestive system ( I can eat turkey and chicken occasionally , but for the most part I do fish) This is the main reason that I was wondering about alternatives to fat from animals.I have used the UK style veggie suet but for tamales I use just plain old veg oil for tamales a good corn oil would be fine, it works the same way, you may have to use a bit more water, make the masa a bit softer.Shortening is hydrogenated with hydrogen gas to make it solid, lard is animal fat from a pigwell i don't know much about shortening or suet but lard it just animal fat - not at all healthy! You can use vegetable suet, which you can purchase on Amazon. So is lard for that matter.

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