viper boa as a pet

Cobras, rattlesnakes and other venomous species are no-brainers, but even some snake species often kept by pet owners make terrible pets. While most captive specimens will be about 12 to 14 feet, the largest verified individual measured 32 feet 9 inches long. Some have nasty dispositions, require food that is difficult to procure, or quickly grow far larger or need more space than the average hobbyist can cope with.

This helps them to blend into their surroundings in the wild.The patterning on these snakes can vary greatly but generally consist of spots or stripes that run horizontally along the snake’s body.The Viper Boa is native to a large portion of New Guinea. In their wild habitats in mainland Asia and the Philippines, they are feared for killing farm animals and their ability to kill humans. You can find Viper Boas that are black, gold or even red.
Generally speaking, black racers are defensive animals, meaning they react violently when handled. Viper boas are known to be slightly more aggressive than other Candoia. They do however, change color with seasons, temperature and perhaps mood changes.

Wild mud snakes will eat only a few types of amphibians, and they will generally refuse food entirely in captivity. They are called Viper Boas because they have a resemblance to the Death Adder, who lives in the same area.The Viper Boa is a small species of Boa with adults growing to an average length of around 2ft. Juveniles or males should be offered fuzzy or small mice, and as they grow the mice or rats should become larger.

In recent years they've become increasingly scarce in the pet industry, due to restrictions on import/export trading. Although the species can be calm and docile, the stress caused by importation often makes the wild-caught individual defensive. Some of the worst snakes as pets present all of these difficulties.Several factors combine to make African rock pythons poor pets.

The Viper Boa is a small species of Boa with adults growing to an average length of around 2ft. An adult female viper boa should be fed on weaner rats. These pythons reproduce readily and prolifically in captivity, depositing up to 100 eggs per clutch. The Viper Boa is native to a large portion of New Guinea. They are usually a fairly dull brown, although can be a wonderful bright red or orange. Their disposition can best be described as irritable, which can make keeping an African rock python as a pet an exceptionally scary proposition. The substrate should not be saturated and soggy.The substrate should be damp enough to help raise the humidity levels in the enclosure to around 70-80%. It is important to change this regularly to prevent the build-up of bacteria.These snakes come from a humid habitat so you will need to have a high humidity in their enclosure. This is the heaviest snake species, with recorded weights of up to 485 pounds. If you choose to have lights in your enclosure, be sure to turn them off at night. These snakes are most active at night. You may have to have less substrate on the side of the enclosure with the heat.A large water bowl is a must for these snakes.
They can also be loosely packed to allow the snake to burrow. Viper Boas love water and will often spend a large amount of time in them. Viper Boas however, are one species that racks or tubs work great for. WE HAVE VIPER BOAS FOR SALE HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Originating From Eastern Indonesia and Papua New Guinea Smaller Sized Boas Only Growing To About 30 Inches As Adults; With Proper Care These Can Live 10 – 20 Years In Captivity; This Is A Terrestrial … Boa Constrictors (Boa constrictor ssp.) It is... Natural Habitat and Distribution. Therefore the substrate in their enclosure should be able to hold humidity well. You can always choose a tub that is on the larger size to give your snake more room.A Viper Boa should be kept in an enclosure that measures at least 2ft x 1.5ft x 1ft.

It is possible for these snakes to reach around 3ft in length but this is rare.These snakes are heavy bodied and stocky with a very short tail that is barely distinguishable. Keep in mind that a heat map might not be able to heat an enclosure with a substrate this thick.

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