warrior cats quiz who is your mate

Try this amazing Who Is Your Warrior Cat Mate? You do not want a mate, and you would rather make a poultice then hang out with a mate. A teasing, brave warrior who is a bit arrogant but always kind.

But before she goes to Starclan, she gets forgiven by her kits. 541 days ago Whats your Warrior Cat name!!?? I am your starclan mentor ivy tail. Ok, here goes. SandxFire. She is kind and powerful, and a great hunter, and also a great friend. What is a warrior? She is awesome, and super cool, calm, and collected. This pains me soooo much but...what is your favourite color? by Dovewingfan; The Raven in the Night (A Warrior Cats Love Story) by WarriorCat Lover 2.0; A warrior cat's love story for she-cats by Silversky; What warrior cat Are YOU?! He got his warrior ceremony at the same time as him. 785 days ago :3 Your perfect match is Silverstream! *magical time jump* thanks to the magical time jump, Leopardstar dies and Mistyfoot becomes Mistystar and clan leader!

WindClan. Your kithood: But then Bluestar risked her life to save Fireheart, and jumped into the river with the dog that had tried to kill Fireheart.

So, let me get right to the point. What is your Warrior Cats Name and Clan quiz. My mate is Hollow eye and I have three kits, Sneeze kit (She kit), Jay kit(Tom), and Storm kit(Tom). They met many times by the river. This one is for SHE-CATS! This is a very big compliment I just gave you. Brave? by Timberwolfgirl76 Blood clan was just his secret weapon. Mistyfoot's mother is Bluestar, a Thunderclan cat. Yes, but I knew the first would want me to move on.

But, Bluestar dies. Which of these answers best If you lived in a clan, what is the first thing you would do in a morning? 3 males, named Reedwhisker, Perchkit, and Pike paw, and one female, named Primrosepaw. Greypaw soon told him about his life in a great clan. Nah, I'm just kidding. I am only on the second book in the second series) Mistyfoot had four kits. But then Tigerstar brought out his secret weapon: Bloodclan. A fierce, fearless and brave cat. Also explore over 305 similar quizzes in this category. One day, when she's meeting Greystripe by the river, she start's to have her kits. So he came with them to Riverclan.

and he has the best mate also. But he wanted more. Misty foot and Stonefur hated Bluestar after that. Shadowclan and Riverclan together=Tigerclan. Even when his best friend Fireheart tried to stop him, he kept seeing her.

I have this time got chasingstorm I loved once, but that doesn't mean I didn't use others before the one I loved ;) SquirrelxBramble. For an example of a well known poison, yew, or death berries, kills a cat in minutes, and for a less well known poison, water hemlock causes writhing, pain, and foaming from the mouth. First question. :3Your perfect match is Tigerstar! She had a LOT of deputies, 4 to be exact. test your knowledge on the Warrior Cats mates Fire heart jumped in after her. I'M THE MEDICINE CAT!!!!!!

Later in life, she is attacking Bluestar with her brother Stonefur, and Fireheart tells them that Bluestar is their mother. A serious, boring cat. Cloudwhisker. you can’t go a day without thinking aboutWould you fight alongside another clan's border patrol if they were being attacked by a fox?Could you ever... kill your mate for your own good? Apparently my mate can't talk to me!! 552 days ago :3Your perfect match is Sandstorm! 1) Hi people. Today I will find you a mate. ! Who do you think is the best leader? Choose a prefix from these: Bright Storm Bee Reed Jay. Which Warrior Cat Would Be Your MATE?

She are smart, and very beautiful. But instead, she became the medicine cat apprentice, and had a happy life. He had a mate named Silverstream, who is a Riverclan cat, which is bad for his mating. There are many warriors, but few TRUE warriors. How sexy is your name? Who will be your mate (Warriors)?

Quiz Created by: SiberianTigerHeart Creation Date: 8 April 2015 Which warrior cat are you? There is MAJOR stuff about both, but I won't dig into that. Greypaw said that there were also other clans, such as Shadowclan, Windclan, and Riverclan.

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