was ebinger's bakery a bad company

You bought only cake at Ebinger’s. You really can taste the difference.

Probably the most popular item was the Ebinger’s Blackout Cake, a chocolate monument that Brooklynites lived and died by. We use to go to the Vallejo one until they came to Natomas. Delivery & Pickup Options - 926 reviews of Bad Bakers "I love this place!

Even if, like me, you were born long after the iconic bakery closed it’s doors, you know there is nothing like an Ebinger’s cake. By the way, the Ebinger’s photo above-is the exact store that Jeff Eats’ mother shopped in. They won't last long as one can eat about 5 easily. It's an economic problem. But there were other reasons.When the company applied on March 17 for an arrangement of creditors under Chapter XI of the Bankruptcy Act, he reported that Ebinger's troubles stemmed from the fact that most of its customers had moved from Brooklyn and Queens to Nassau and Suffolk Counties.To eliminate the trucking from its original plant at 2290 Bedford Avenue to distant places on Long Island, the company began construction of a plant on 8.3 acres of land in Melville, L. 1., in the fall of 1969.
A clerk who had worked at Ebinger for 22 years compared the company’s closing to the infamous demise of another bygone Brooklyn landmark: Ebbets Field. & Bedford Ave. She treated me generously and I was always grateful.
The following was rabid. Bakery Bagels Spreads Scones Cookies & Brownies Pastries & Sweets for One Muffins & Muffies Pastries & Sweets for a Group Breads Sides & Spreads Sides Spreads Plant Based Family Feast Value Meals Value Duets In-Season Breakfast Available until 10:30 AM. The Ebinger Baking Company, founded in Brooklyn in 1898, will shut down all its 54 stores at 6 P.M. today for the last time.After consenting. Shopped on Lincoln Place & Franklin Ave. Also, coincidentally, as a young boy I delivered groceries to Mrs Loehmann who resided above her fashionable store on the corner of Sterling Pl. to a bankruptcy ruling by Referee Manuel’ J. Senoritas are the bomb! As for pensions, Mr. Ull rich said they would be hand led through the four unions to which the employes belonged.“We were unable to over come,” Mr. Ullrich said. The Loew’s Oriental Theatre was known for its lavish Oriental style decor. to a bankruptcy ruling by Referee Manuel’ J. Three Ebinger’s cakes stir the fondest recollections of my contemporaries, regardless of gender:(1) Chocolate hard-icing cake, a simple, two-layer vanilla cake, with hard, bittersweet chocolate icing and nearly a half-inch of chocolate butter cream separating the two layers. to a bankruptcy ruling by Referee Manuel’ J. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. Imagine spending two or three humiliating hours on the stairs at Loehmann’s, with your head buried in a comic book, while hordes of stampeding, half-dressed women, whipped into a clothes-buying frenzy by an announcement that the goods on the $15 rack had been marked down to $5, charged by.Not that Ms. Wilson’s heart isn’t in the right place, but it was not the loss of Loehmann’s that left Brooklynites feeling ”abandoned and deprived.” It was the loss of Ebinger’s!Ebinger’s was a chain of retail bake shops. The chocolate and cheese, made in Watertown, used in their cakes was exclusively made for the company, according a 1961 Supposedly, the recipes have been locked in a safe — although several copycats have attempted to revive the name and the products. Her budget is so badly strained with the cost of meat and vegetables and staples that there is very little room for luxury items, and cake has been pushed into the luxury class.”Mr.

We finally ate it, feeling as if we were drinking our last bottle of 1929 Lafite.)

711 likes. (3) Finally, of course, chocolate blackout cake, with its two layers of moist chocolate cake, soft chocolate cream separating the layers, soft creamy chocolate icing, sprinkled over with crumbs of the chocolate cake itself.All deserve a place in the cake hall of fame, and were often used to induce otherwise unwilling males to consent to a visit to Loehmann’s.Former Brooklynites are united in the belief that their lives were impoverished when Ebinger’s closed its doors for the last time, the victim of supermarkets and calorie counting. But the baking stopped last night and the sales are to end today.The largest of the estimated total of 1,000 creditors was listed as the First National City Bank, to which $3.5‐million is owed. Ebinger’s, a chain of 58 retail stores founded in 1898 on Flatbush Avenue by George and Catherine Ebinger who came from Germany, vanished from Brooklyn like all good things in life, Herb.Bankrupted in 1972, they left memories on our taste buds — especially of their favorite, the Chocolate Blackout Cake. Childhood (and early adulthood) memories are so soothing.Thanks for the memories.

“We did get a call from the city's Economic Development Administration the other day, but it was too late.

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