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As anyone who has seen Khruangbin play live will attest to, fashion is another part of the band’s appeal. It was inescapably personal, rattling with homemade percussion, grinding against Apple’s visceral vocals as she retold traumas of sexual abuse and toxic relationships.

“It’s a nice exercise for us to put out a record and not tour and see what that feels like. Usual YT rumbling led me to these guys and I dig it, jazz bass with chromes through an B15 - bliss! Dearest Alfred lifts its lyrics from letters discovered by Lee’s family from her grandfather to his brother. It was a shot at writing something timeless, taking strands of classic disco and Eighties synth-pop and putting them through a slick, modern filter.

Whatever happens next year, I’m going to Glastonbury. Speer and Lee took the crew "We've all been funky at one point, we can be funky again" We sat down with Khruangbin during Dimensions 2017 to discuss funk music, wigs and moreRig Rundown - Khruangbin's Mark Speer and Laura Lee - Duration: 26:04. Their debut studio album, Christchurch songwriter Laura Lee spent a few years playing and recording with O'Lovely who released their only album 'Constellations' in 2013 before calling it a day. “We let the song dictate what it wants. The SX bass sounds good in part because it has Dimarzio pickups installed. Khruangbin - wig wearing Thai influenced jams. You’ve got these two completely different cultures that are both influenced by French cuisine coming together to make something really special. But it all coalesced to give momentum to a magnificent release of tension, the sound of a furiously convinced artist. Texas’ most populous city is arguably its creative and cultural hub, and has produced its fair share of 21st-century icons: “Houston is a real melting-pot,” Johnson says. 3.No pictures of Mark or Laura Lee without their wigs. Had the old master lulled himself into retirement?

It’s music with a worldwide appeal, and their musical crate-digging provides fertile material to draw inspiration from.This time around, though, almost every song features vocals from all three band members, helping to make ‘Mordechai’ their most accessible album yet. But you seem very nice…”Mystery is baked into every element of the band’s appeal. Ever since, front woman Speer wears a long wig with a '70s style suit and sunglasses with cowboy boots. (I stole that description from the band's AMA thread on Reddit because their music is so unique and genre-defying that I couldn't come up with something fitting myself.)

It’s like a child – you nurture as best you can, and at some point you just have to let it do whatever it wants to do. We set out to be a worldwide band – and we got it.”This chimes with Johnson. There was squelchy hip-hop and tap-dancing piano on Borderline, alluring ­sophisto-funk on Breathe Deeper, and dizzying disco on One More Year. It worked. The Infamous Bill is called that because the drum break we sampled for the demo was from a Bill Withers song, and A Calf Born in Winter was titled for a calf that was born on the property where the barn is.”The barn is where they make all their music. “He invited me to take a walk with his family because he could see that I was having a hard time, and he was like a little light in the darkness for me,” she explains. It’s on a farm owned by Speer’s parents in Burton, a tiny town 85 miles west of Houston. The eclectic beats, largely provided by ­chameleonic producer Jae5, avoided the usual bombast for something understated. “You don’t know what time it is and it’s so quiet – there’s a lot of room to let the music breathe.”Although they relish their anonymity, Laura Lee admits that there is little you can do to alter the path when things get this big – you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride. Though the world is currently grounded, this is the album where the trio take flight after years of grit and grind.“We set out to be a worldwide band – and we got it” – Laura Lee OchoaLaura Lee is cautiously optimistic that they’ll never quite come back to Earth: “Going into the third album there’s real pressure,” she says. There was squelchy hip-hop and tap-dancing piano on Borderline, alluring ­sophisto-funk on Breathe Deeper, and dizzying disco on One More Year.

Laura and I met up in L.A. and chatted about going with your gut, the … “We specifically arranged it so we could play on the Friday and still get our full weekend at Glastonbury.

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