way of the samurai 4 hidden path

Chocolate is my favorite, it makes you gain more gauge for 2 minutes which normally means you can use your spring harvest for the rest of the battle you're in. Again you fight Melinda for the money itself.After going to the entrance of the hospital you'll have to fight the protester's "sensei". This is basically the boat ride into town where you can speak to the driver or yourself asking questions about the town.

It fill with time and also with kill both while using spring harvest and outside.Certain items really help maintaining spring harvest. Your stolen goods are now forfeit.You have to open the hospital in another playthrough. They have a store out front that sells items and hang out in the back of the caveWhere you start the game and where you can end your game at any time. Fight them you need to kill most of them for them to run off. Both, just be aware of where your vitality is at since running out can easily mean death.R1 blocks most normal attacks. Also worth noting after the 1st crate you get end the event successfully by running back Akagi and saying that it's enough.After the deal goes down the foreigners claims diplomatic immunity. Obvious SPOILERS as requested: you don't have to see the other endings to do it. However your sword can be leveled and needs to be leveled for normal and more so hard. This is another event where earning the "get 10 kills in spring harvest" is a lot easier to get with so many enemies right there.Despite the name once you attack the group at the harbor you need to defeat all the named enemies (Melinda, Moro and Kotobuki) not the lecturer himself. Some styles have an ability to reduce vitality costs, including quick travel.Now the big question: How to keep vitality up?

Each crate you get gives you some money, most I've gotten is 1500 mon. After a cutscene you need to finish off Akagi, fight Melinda then Kotobuki.

The Amana Mushroom is also a great item, it does the same as chocolate but for only 30 seconds, it also gives you 500 extra points (50%) so you can right away rip into any enemy around.Style is a moveset and unlike previous titles in the series it's separate from the sword.
I'm not great at this, mainly because the dodging system in this game is great.

As well you are forced into a fight completely unarmed, so mastering an unarmed stance is really useful especially Moro's style Do events for any one side until the tournament if you want a step by step follow any of the other endings: This is the fastest method to get the ending, not the only way though.Below is a list of all events, choices within and what may be required for the event to happen.

Vitality can also be depleted by spamming powerful attacks (moves that use triangle mainly) as well as quick traveling costs 100 vitality each time you travel.

Once you fight Kogure, use blunt attacks to reduce his Vitality to 0, then talk to him in the middle of battle and tell him he lost.Stop! I do seriously recommend trying things on your own, this guide will be here later if you can't figure something out.Well there isn't exactly one... however if you ever want to quickly restart the game there are two options:If you want to try fight off other players characters (not controlled by them), at the bottom of the menu under options, is a setting called network settings. To get the hidden path during this event while fighting Akagi you can kill the 2 Prajnas who are manning the cannon.

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