western governors university scandal

That particular degree program required 12 elective hours outside of the department. When looking for a school to go to. I usually don't take that many credits as i usually work full time. Since news of the emissions scandal broke the companys stock price has dropped. WGU is an online school with career-aligned bachelor's and master's degrees in—IT, teaching, business, and healthcare—designed to help working professionals fit an online university … ...and you walked 5 miles barefoot in the snow

The point of the degree is to confirm that the student is competent in the various areas that make up the degree program. Students of this university come from everywhere in the United States, but there are also students in military bases abroad, as well as Canada. There are classes i never would have to take for a liberal arts degree. What the previous comment says is completely off base. The audit said WGU should pay back $713 million in federal student aid. I am currently trying to negotiate a middle ground so that i can take my test over without completing a 16 page, yes 16 page study guide with 30+ paragraph answers. The pressure is on for all nurses in NJ to get BSN. As a full-time working adult, I was seeking an online college that would be both affordable and sensitive to the challenges of a non-traditional student's work/life balance. Students can register regardless of the SAT scores they received, but an entrance exam needs to be passed. This is an awesome concept, and was for three terms, (eighteen months, 75 credits later) I am having major problems with the lack of foresight by the financial aid department, and am experiencing frusteration of my own that they have not addressed. Program requirements were clearly outlined, and I received unparalled support throughout the courses. Seriously, if you are going to act in such a manner, whether it is true or not, your lack of grammar and lack of respect by not proof reading makes you (anonymous) look like a hmm...donkey?I found this article regarding national vs regional accreditation.

Sure it is definately good to know the material no doubt, But don't lie and say there are no assigments and hold my exam hostage! What's your angle? Universities Cheating Scandal.

The Original Report brings to light some valid questions for potential students to ask and problems to avoid. Kids don't need aimless adults who could only pinpoint a generic field of study that teaches them how to indoctrinate as their teachers. Can people not have differeing opinions without being attacked on a site page MEANT for complaints? I realized that that the only reason the conduct office was meeting was to decide to exclude me from the university.

She explained everything thoroughly and required that I look at every aspect of their policies so that we could discuss them the next week. That is more than a 6 page paper if you do it correctly! It sounds like you may have just had a horrible mentor.

YOU CANNOT DISAGREE WITH THEM, YOU CANNOT TELL THEM THERE ARE MISTAKES IN THEIR COURSES, YOU CANNOT COMPLAIN AGAINST THEIR STAFF, YOU CANNOT PERSIST IF THERE IS INJUSTICE AT THEIR SCHOOL. "However, the critical issue is that we should not lower the bar to accommodate any particular online model, whether it's WGU or any other school, but instead we should raise the bar for quality and rigor," he said. In Texas(where I plan to be a teacher), the "Texas Education Agency" has certification requirements and one of those requirements is to have a bachelor's degree with a  GPA of 2.5 or higher(they ask for proof of transcript). She has been with WGU now for a few months and is very pleased with the whole experience.

After taking a look at the offers that the institution presents, it could be safe to say that Western Governors University scam accusations are not true. Here, the institution will be examined and so will those claims that people have made against the institute.

I don't care if it is an online or brick and mortar school a person should always do their research and ask questions before committing to anything. MANAGEMENT. Those complaining about a scam may have their own input to blame. You may want to know about the truth of the Western Governors University Scam. You transfer in as out of state teacher. I  will start my BSIT program in a couple days and I too am very pleased with the high quality of service of every aspect of the process so far. I really do want to thank every one of you who have posted on WGU, both positively and negatively. One time my test was stopped 3 times with no explanation from my proctor. It's pass/fail, usually based off an assessment, but for some classes you have to complete a project. Sometimes I already knew the answeres and didn't need sources etc. For you fanboys: No i am absolutely not cheating.

I stayed in the US for two years and decided to do something productive with my time, so I enrolled in the MBA program.

Press J to jump to the feed. "Western Governors University is accredited by The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), a regional accreditation body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as the regional authority on educational quality and institutional effectiveness of colleges and universities in a seven-state region that includes WGU’s headquarters state of Utah. Western Governors University (WGU) fit the bill! Overall the answer to the question is no, the Western Governors University scam is not true. Academic operations are all virtual and WGU employs about 1, 800 staff and faculty members.

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