what breed of dog was sam in hondo

Hondo Lane bears a striking resemblance to L'Amour's character of Ches Lane. In the movie, he is supposed to be vicious and ill-tempered, but the temperatures during filming were so hot, Pal simply panted instead of snarling when on camera. Another one I've never watched, because WHY? LOL - this is a tongue in cheek post, but seriously, I do love dogs. She was screen tested by the films producer, Robert Fellows on the recommendation of John Wayme. Near the end of the movie, James Arness takes four soldiers with him to gather up settlers. Ooops! 12--What breed played in the movie with Tom Hanks, Turner and Hooch and what was the dogs name.. 13--what breed dog played the lead role in Cujo...- ST. BERNARD. In this movie, he is supposed to be vicious and ill-tempered, but the temperatures during filming were so hot, he simply panted instead of snarling when on-camera. It's well known that Duke was applied from the name of the dog he kept in his boyhood. In the way the Duke might say, "You can call me a PETA lover, you can call me a big baby, you can call me a wimp - but you don't EVER call me a dog killer! Wayne and company may have been hoping for another "Gunsmoke".Looking for something to watch? Feb 23, 2016 - Hondo Lane (John Wayne) pictured here with Pal, the dog that played Sam in Hondo (1953), is believed to be the son of one of the dogs who played Lassie. Vittorio was based loosely on the real-life Apache chief Victorio.
Second Unit Director Andrew V. McLaglen directed John Wayne in McLintock! If you have to wound it, that is bad enough, kill the people, but please Don't kill the dogs. Often clashing with the local cavalry, who he holds responsible for the death of his Indian wife, he tries to keep the peace between competing factions. "Uggie had been rescued from being sent to a shelter by Omar Von Muller, an animal trainer, and found fame in Kudos to all the dogs in these films! They also fight to counter land grabbers and other outlaws. Frontier hero Daniel Boone conducts surveys and expeditions around Boonesborough, running into both friendly and hostile Indians, just before and during the Revolutionary War. It was later printed as a novel of which John Wayne said ' The best western novel I have ever read'. Meg -- also one-half of the writing team of D.E. One of the most prevalent images of John Wayne remains a full-length publicity photo from the film in which Wayne wears the buckskin suit and military hat. She was screen tested by the films producer, Robert Fellows on the recommendation of John Wayme. The original negative suffered considerable water damage as the result of a flood while in storage and was restored frame by frame by Michael Wayne. Do you think that John Wayne would have given the dog back if it had been Lassie?

Was this review helpful to you? The other two names he calls out, Hayward and Lyons, are the names of stuntmen on the film, Chuck Hayward and Cliff Lyons. I loved Dances... up until the wolf... AUUUGH!

Dog was a Rough Collie, trained by Robert "Bob" Weatherwax, who owned and trained all of the Collies that played Lassie. She had been known primarily as a Broadway stage actress and employed the Method acting style deemed too introspective for film, and especially for Westerns.
I don't much like manipulated emotions by writers or films and it always irks me as so often it serves no purpose. According to a Wayne autobiography, with Wayne knowing the movie had a kissing scene, and hearing Page's teeth were in extreme neglect, he authorized a discreet dental treatment for her, prior to filming. It is not worth it to me. The adventures of a gentlemanly gunfighter for hire. Hondo's frequent sidekick, Buffalo Baker, is portrayed by Noah Beery, Jr.

Director John Farrow had to leave to start another film commitment, and Ford took over as a favor to John Wayne.

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