what does phlash phelps drive

4,324 talking about this. Grew up in Baltimore and won $50 on B104's Dollar Days with Willie B. when I was 15.

I have 56 more to go.The way I've done it is by knowing America. Mitch took me under his wing when interning in Baltimore and gave me an incredible tape of '60s and '70s radio. March to a Million (Subscribers) phor XM Satellite Radio started with this 48 States in 14 Days tour with Phlash Phelps 60's on 6 and H.R. Next week, the contest was to Hawaii with a new collage, called the answers in to my sister after the first play and by the second play, she had won a trip to Hawaii with my answers. My boss, Lou 'Simon Says,' "I can't figure out if your show is a local show being done nationally or a national show that's local." A flash drive is a small, ultra-portable storage device which, unlike an

By 1993, Watertown, NY was the biggest city in America I'd never been in ... so I drove there. Flash drives connect to computers and other devices via a built-in Answer. I made a 49-city legal ID that ended "and from Wedowee to Maui." Quilts, posters, 3D photos, personalized chocolate boxes.

Five years was the longest in Ft. Wayne, so when I was about to break my longevity record on '60s on 6 in 2005.

Then I do the same with the next caller. Now, across the street, WQSR (Q105)/Baltimore was also Top 40 and had a contest to identify 14 songs in a collage that was 10 seconds.

Figured it out and called ... Waylon Richards asked me how old I was. I gave him all the answers and he said, "If you were 18, you'd be going to Rio" Someone else won. On most computers, you'll be alerted that the flash drive was inserted and the contents of the drive will appear on the screen, similar to how other drives on your computer appear when you browse for files.

I talk to each caller about where they are and luckily, I've driven all of the country, airchecking radio and learning about every market, roads and places so I relate locally to almost every caller in the country about their city.Kym Landers (Mitch Zatto) aka Hollywood Haze (KC & Cleveland) was the one who called me Captain Flash ... a character based on Don Imus' Flash in NYC. Copyright © 2020 All Access Music Group. My wife and I drive from Gresham OR to Winter Haven every Oct and stay till May -- Bruce MacGibbon circle!!!! The terms Lamar Billboards in Northeast Pennsylvania have created three billboards for my show that they make and put up for free promoting my show and my travels. I did a top 17 countdown and as Phlash Phlashem introducing airchecks of me on the other stations by length of employment. This is where I started the Phan Clan with an oath inspired by listening to Joey Reynolds airchecks. Our ID said WKMZ/Martinsburg, Winchester, Hagerstown, Chambersburg. What I like is every show on '60s on 6 sounds different from the last one. The largest one we're aware of is a Flash drives connect to computers and other devices via a built-in USB Type-A or USB-C plug, making a flash drive a kind of combination USB device and cable.

So now when I get a call I talk to that one person about their area to make it local between me and the caller.

He dropped needles on records and I knew all of them. We need you to answer this question! Then Gettysburg built the box to frame it made from a witness tree from the battle and Gettysburg Address. Answer. I had a cart with the SFX of a needle dragging off the record. He has been with SiriusXM, and before that XM Satellite Radio, since before it went on the air in 2001.

I had a racehorse named after me -- "Phlash Phelps" -- and he was turf racehorse of the year 2015. I worked at so many radio stations and never stayed long. Slx. 2012-08-01 21:46:09 2012-08-01 21:46:09. Guess it was believable as the engineer complained and four months after starting, the PD was fired and then so was I. I've just done a show that's based on me having fun and not sounding like another radio show. My mom used to buy me a new Rand McNally map every year at Christmas and I'd study the roads and cities. One of the best roads to drive is the Beartooth Highway in Montana and Wyoming just for the views, as long as it's open and no snow.

That's how I can make national radio local.I created a daily bit based on American Top 40 as Phlashy Phlashem. phrom the …

The current one is still up on I-81, mile marker 189.4, northbound in Scranton. I completed every U.S. market and when Art Vuolo called me in May 2000 to tell me about satellite radio, I knew I could relate to any caller about their area.

Flash drives are often referred to as pen drives, thumb drives, or jump drives.

Flash drives can be written and rewritten to an almost unlimited number of times, similar to hard drives. Mitch Craig was asked about it and he didn't know I made it.

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