what is livingstone countertop made of

Their Smart Palette™ consists of 32 of the most popular and versatile colors.LivingStone is often less expensive than other solid surface materials. LivingStone® Solid Surface countertops are easy on the eyes and feel warm and welcoming to the touch. LivingStone® is easy to clean and maintain-just wipe it down with equal parts water and bleach. Laminate is made from layers of paper or plastic and resin. With only best-sellers to choose from, it’s easy to choose a color with confidence.

Its main appeal is that it is easy to fabricate and can create completely seamless countertops, unlike any other countertop surface. LivingStone® 100% acrylic countertops are non-porous, so germs and odors cannot penetrate. No, this is not the kitchen countertop of Fred Flintstone! The LivingStone® SmartPalette™ contains 73 of the industry’s most popular colors—plenty of choices to coordinate with any project yet small enough to provide outstanding value.The Learning Center is intended to provide introductory skills required to work with solid surface material, including guidance on tooling, cutting, seaming, finishing, edge build-up, countertop fabrication and installation, sink-installation, and additional advanced techniques.LivingStone®, manufactured by US Surfaces, maintains exceptional value by being a different kind of company. When it comes to your kitchen or bathroom, you can’t go wrong with a solid surface countertop. They only produce the most popular colors. Made from nonporous acrylic, solid surface countertops are easy to clean and resist stains and bacteria. 2. All Rights Reserved. They reduce the number of steps within the distribution system and they work with leading-edge manufacturing capabilities.

Solid surface countertops are the smart choice when you want an affordable and practical option. A new kitchen or remodel can sometimes overwhelm you with choices. Concrete Kitchen Counters. People love the virtually invisible, impervious seams. Because of their efficient manufacturing process, we pay less for materials and pass that savings on to you. Every 100% acrylic color of LivingStone® is a best-selling color in the industry, determined through market research. Light scratches can be buffed out, and deeper scratches will come out with fine sandpaper.A new kitchen or remodel can sometimes overwhelm you with choices. Popular Brands: Dupont Corian , LG Hi Macs , Formica , Wilsonart , Staron , LivingStone . LivingStone® LivingStone® solid surface is the product to buy for competitive pricing, exceptional quality and best-selling colors. Ask our experts how we can work with you to provide a truly differentiating solution tailored to meet your distinct needs and ideal vision.Adrian | Advance | Albany | Alexandria | Algonac | Allen Park | Anderson | Ann Arbor | Arcadia | Atlanta | Auburn Hills | Bargersville | Belleville | Bellevue | Berkley | Birmingham | Bloomfield Hills | Bowling Green | Brighton | Brown City | BryanAre you ready to plan your new kitchen or bathroom?

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. items And odds are that your family, friends and future prospective buyers will love the color you choose as much as you do.LivingStone® 100% acrylic countertops are non-porous, so germs and odors cannot penetrate. LivingStone has made selecting a countertop color easier and more enjoyable. Current colors that are part of a brand's current production lineDiscontinued material that may be discontinued by manufacturer or surplus inventory from a large jobBrowse and filter the largest selection of remnant material and partial solid surface sheetsPopular industry colors at incredible prices that didn't meet manufactures rigid specifications.

Every 100% acrylic color of LivingStone® is a best-seller. LivingStone® Solid Surface countertops are easy on the eyes and feel warm and welcoming to the touch. LivingStone is completely renewable, because the color and pattern runs all through the material.

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