what is the song lily by alan walker about

Come get me". "She knew she was hypnotised. Then she starts doing them when she knows they're wrong. Alan Walker, K-391 & Emelie Hollow - Lily download, Lily free mp3 download I don't know). Men are mostly doing this to women. She is temped by this creature. lily somebody who doesn't know the real story of something bad that will happen. Cause there's no turning back >_< This demon then asks her to 'let me in,' what demons ask before possession. My understanding of the lyrics that when it says "just let me in" a demon in fact a spirit is trying to take over her body and possess lily I have sort of felt this way in dreams and nightmares but ever since I heard this song it always has been "stuck" to me like some kind of magnet but in my perspective I feel like when it says " you'll be safe under my control " that it's obviously taking her into the other side "hell" or to the devil .....the devil will persicely make lily "one of his" I don't know what else to say but this is my thinking and understanding of the song lyrics and I'm in love with the song but the lyrics just get to me and I have a similar way of my point of view in this situation ! She realized what she had done and that her life was ruined and she couldn't do anything about it. She then runs off into the night and does whatever she wants (pretty much, I guess..) until she comes upon a creature, who I believe would be a demon. All of us. she's trapped and wants out of her toxic relationship.but nobody wants to help her and she still goes around to find someone to help her and nobody wants to they think shes fine. She finally meets this guy who she can open up to. Know what this song is about?

Thank you for reading this incredibly long paragraph. I think this song has a dark meaning. + Finally her Mother finds her but its too late cos she's hanging from the tree dead. Lily is a little girl and her parents warned her about love so she tries love. Even though she was afraid, she was curious. I think it’s about drug abuse. I think she's unable to go back home/ Castle and can't go she left in the first place issue felt imprisoned I'm trying to make this as nice as possible This force speaks about desire, magic, the unconscious, its like the thrill of playing with fire. She ran into a place where everyone told her not to go, but for what reason she went there, we don't know. It ends like that, her all alone with this creature. On one side you have "Lilly.. (the).. little girl" who is suppose to embody naivety, fearing all she hasn't experienced. came back and bribed her with ¨everything you've been dreaming of" in exchange of her following it and letting it in her mind or soul. If this song really means something special to you, Follow these rules and your meaning will be published This is easily seen by the way the lyrics at the beginning of the song are portrayed: “Lily was a little girl, afraid of the big wide world. She's innocent and happy. Can anyone else agree or no? So for the other meaning. Everyone has a different opinion on something like this." + Lily simbolize every girl in the world her parents tried to protect her since the day she came to the world and told her about the danger of the world outside as she grew up (most probably after she became a teenager) she thought she knew better than her parents.This is common trait of any adolecent no matter girl or a boy.she rebels against her parents and as a result she runs away.
explanations' markup. + So end midway never telling us whether she got help or not. But when you finally "awake" from the effect, you will scream and want to escape, but you can't. Share your meaning with community, make it He keeps on trying to provide her with a false sense of security and the ice breaking means that she has finally gotten ahold of things and now with all that panic she is afraid I think the song Lily by Alan Walker is about a girl who was afraid of the outside world and her family warned her about dangerous creatures and she went out in the woods and a monster ( vampire, wolf-human, etc. ) All this passion can be positive or negative. She "Started screaming, is there someone out there?

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