what predator leaves a pile of feathers

People are focusing on the secondary question here. Thank you in advance!Yeah, that sounds like a small animal, because a larger predator would take the whole chicken and/or leave less of it intact. This has been working well until just yesterday when I discovered my sweet Henrietta was gone. From what you say so far, it seems that only a small predator like a weasel or mink could get in, but I cannot imagine either of them could consume an entire chicken, leaving nothing but feathers. Homestead Chicken Resourceswe had a bear kill all our chickens last year. They weigh only 2-4 lbs, and their long skinny bodies can fit through small openings.

Good luck!I had my 2 old hens killed a couple of weeks ago by fisher cat. If they cannot tear fencing, they may try to pull chickens through holes in the fencing. Some of them missed the day in predator school that said they hunt at night.

They eat plants, insects, grubs, worms, salamanders, small birds, bird eggs, and small mammals.The track of a striped skunk at top left overlaps a coyote track.Tracks of striped skunk typically show all 5 toes and claw marks, and about 1 to 1.25 inches wide. It eats the head, legs and torso. What bird this was, I can't tell, one other possibility is an owl of some sort. 1st one during daylight, was a full grown cuckoo maran, just left a pile of feathers. Chickens are helpless while roosting at night!

Your farm sounds heavenly. Not sure where you are, geographically, and not sure what sorts of openings are in your coop/run, so not sure which predators can fit in. Can not find any holes under or in fence and the top is covered with no holes in it..any ideas?ii have been loosing chickens the last 6-8 weeks but have only found feathers 1 time. We just received Predator Friendly certification and I will post all about how we deter predators in the coming weeks. Coyotes and raccoons can both be very bold. It doesn’t add up.Could you please email me to see if you can help me determine what killed my chickens?Just lost 4 young guenneas, 3 young turkeys and a young hen last night, looks like it dug about 2 inches under our enclosure and about 3 inches wide and just killed them all didn’t eat any of them. They probably enter the coop to dine on chicken feed, and to find shelter. If you live in bear country, you’ll need electric fencing. It doesn’t go very far n the woods to do it either think it’s happing rite after day lite when I go to work and it could be getting them 15-20 foot in the tree above there coop were they roost now cause it looks like sumthing getting bark ruffed up on tree to the limb they roost on they to afraid 2 even go in coop I believe.Hard to say from the info you give. If the flight feathers (primaries, secondaries) have a 'fluffy' surface, then it is an owl. Just lost a chicken to a predator. I was struggling to id a predator and as we have fisher, this could be it. I'd guess Barred Owl primaries would be close on a foot long.

Found feathers on the lawn, 200′ away found a head partially buried in the freshly-tilled garden, the predator must not have been heavy enough to leave tracks in the clay crust around the buried head. We were surprised at an attack between 2 and 3 in the afternoon with us working in the barn. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. MoE - the dovecote base is 6 feet off the ground, but from the position of the feather piles I suspect the predator may be taking them when they are on the ground.

Do you think it was a hawk?

They are around 10 months old. Outer toes might stick out to the side somewhat.Eastern and western coyotes are considered the same species, but there are important differences. We have electric fence and so they are free roaming. I’m sorry to hear you have suffered so many losses! Could be a fox, or a dog... Good luck! They are more social than western coyotes, may hunt in small packs, occasionally take larger prey, and may go after livestock much larger than chickens.

I lost 18 birds in their prime just about to lay.

If birds are dead but not eaten and have parts still intact, a weasel may have attacked the flock. Foxes are very bold around people and livestock, but can be excluded. MaryI just had 8 taken with only piles of feathers left behind. If you live in an area that has bears you may have to consider them a chicken predator as well. ...and we have a dog that sits with them. Safe in house, but cooped up unhealthy. We can’t let them out into that all day, for they are too vulnerable to hawks, so we compromise and give them half the day while I am home and able to keep an out on them.I free range my ducks and haven’t lost one during the day.

Raptors often feed by standing in the one spot, and unless the wind blows them around, features remain in a neat pile. Some predators also like to blend in so that their prey may come closer, making the prey easier to catch. Thanks for stopping by.Have free-ranging chkns led by a guinea hen who is a wanderer.

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