what should you do immediately if a boat motor catches fire

You want the fuel to remain concealed in the fuel tank. The Inboard boats tend to be larger than outboards, and the areas around the engine, where most of the action takes place, are not visible and accessible in the way that an outboard engine is. If you are boating and a fire starts on board, here is what to do: Stop the engine immediately! This is always the first thing to do in case of a boat fire.

You've put out the fire. But the fire that starts in the wiring under the headliner or behind a panel in the galley is the exception, not the rule. Step 4) Sweep the fire by spraying from left to right in a sweeping motion.

b. What should you do immediately if a boat motor catches fire? See Alerts for some suggestions on ways to avoid this slap-yourself-in-the-head mistake.Outside of the engine room, there is no single area where most of the remaining DC electrical fires originate. Use the radio to inform other boats or ships in the vicinity. A fire blanket for a stove can also be an effective way to put out a small fire without having to spray corrosive powder all over the galley.Given the high incidence of fires in the engine area, the engine compartment should be fitted with a fire port so that you can suppress the fire without having to open the compartment, introducing more oxygen and further feeding the fire. shut off the fuel supply. Engines overheat when not enough water circulates to keep the engine at its proper operating temperature. Finally, the vibration from the engine increases the likelihood of chafe in such vulnerable areas as the wiring harness and connections to the alternator and the starter.Preventing these fires comes down to good electrical maintenance on every component of the DC system associated with the engine and the batteries. Irrespective of the type of fire extinguisher, the PASS technique will help you put out boat fire in no time.S- Sweep the contents of the cylinder from side to side until the fire diminishes completelyIf the boat hasn’t incurred much damage and you are near shallows, you could think about maneuvering the vessel to the shore.
Wiring harnesses and starters account for the majority of DC electrical fires on boats 25 years old or older.

You have to first, shut off the enging, then use an extinguisher to put it out. d. … Inspecting the exhaust system regularly and replacing the exhaust manifold every five years will help you avoid most of these fires.As Figure 2 shows, of the fires that originated on a BoatUS-insured boat in the claim files, no cause was assigned to 10 percent of our total fires. More than a quarter of the time, our insured's boat burns when something else goes up in flames: The marina, the storage facility, the house, the garage, the barn, the neighbor's house So what can you do to protect your boat from fire?

This is always the first thing to do in case of a boat fire. Turning off the engine also rules out the possibility of an explosion. Just add a spark from an ignition and you could have a boat fire on your hands.Removing any of these three sources will also let you extinguish the fire. When BoatUS Marine Insurance turns a claim over to a fire investigator, his or her task is to find both.

Whether underway or tied up to a dock with no one aboard, it's easier for a fire that gets started on a larger, inboard boat to gain some serious momentum before somebody notices it.

Even if you don't have any of these luxuries on your boat, you quite likely still plug in to charge the batteries. Assuming the engine is still on, quickly turn the burning part of the boat away from the wind.For instance, if the fire broke out in the cockpit area, point the bow into the wind so the flames will turn away from the boat.

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